Beware the $5 counterfeiter bandit!

I stepped into a well-known fast food restaurant this morning for a quick breakfast. Little did I know that this fiend has apparently been going around distributing fake $5 bills. Or, apparently, that’s what the cashier thought was going on, as she summoned two managers to tell them that my bill was fake. One of the managers quickly assured her that this was not so. But as everyone knows, counterfeiters love to fake small currency, because they make their money on volume.


4 responses to “Beware the $5 counterfeiter bandit!

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  2. Marc Schneider

    Did the cashier give any REASON for thinking your bill was fake?

  3. Jeff (no, the other one)

    A great-great-great-etc. uncle of mine counterfeited $1 bill in the 1930s in NYC. It took the Feds years to catch him, and they called him Mr. 880 (case file number). He was old and had health problems by then, so they only confiscated his plates and fined him 1 real dollar.

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