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High weirdness in the GOP — so, normal

Robert Bentley campaign former staff members raise questions |

Okay, so after (apparently, the recount is underway, but his situation looks good) making the runoff in the gubernatorial primary, in a huge surprise, and being in good shape to win it… after that, Robert Bentley fired a bunch of his campaign staff. He brought in non-Alabamians, led by Mike Huckabee’s son-in-law, to fill their roles. I am increasingly of the opinion that he will blow this, and Bradley Byrne will get the nomination.

Alas, poor “Troy”

Yes, “Troy King” has gone down… uh, I mean lost to Luther Strange in the GOP AG nomination race. Pretty badly, it appears. He’ll only have a few more months to execute people for the state before he has to go freelance.

WBRC says…

The Associated Press: Sparks leads Dems for Al. governor; GOP bunched up.

AP has called the race for Sparks. Wow. Can’t find it online yet.


Rep. Artur Davis loses bid to become first black Ala. governor .

Of course that’s how USA Today has to put it.

Early Returns!

June 1 Primary Election Results – WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL |.

Early returns! Five percent in, and St. Roy is in fourth place. Right now, the GOP runoff would be Byrne vs. Bentley, but I still expect Tim James to catch Bentley. Sparks has a big early lead on Davis; in a low-turnout election, the machine help that Sparks had could be determinitive. Luther Strange up early on “Troy King”. And Twinkle! is leading in her PSC race, and could avoid a runoff. Only really bad news is that Dale Peterson is out of the runoff for the GOP Ag Commissioner spot, but it’s early. I know he’s got one more great ad in him.


Alabama & National Elections News, Results & Politics –

The weather’s nice today, so I’m guessing high turnout, which probably is good for Artur Davis on the Democratic side. Hope I’m wrong about that. For the Republicans, Bradley Byrne will get the most votes, but probably less than 40 percent; I’m guessing he’ll meet Tim James in the runoff.