WBRC says…

The Associated Press: Sparks leads Dems for Al. governor; GOP bunched up.

AP has called the race for Sparks. Wow. Can’t find it online yet.


Rep. Artur Davis loses bid to become first black Ala. governor .

Of course that’s how USA Today has to put it.

One response to “WBRC says…

  1. Tom in Lazybrook

    Great News!

    2 anti-Gay Alabama Congressmen (who were elected as “Democrats”) won’t be back next fall…
    Artur Davis and Parker Griffith!

    Apparently, Mr. Davis must have been skipping class when Harvard talked about electoral math.

    First he p’ed off all LGBT Alabamians. I doubt he got any support out of that group.

    Then he p’ed off the historical African American leadership. That might not have been critical, but then he made it stick by voting like a Tea Partier in Washington in a transparent attempt to Sista Souljah the President.

    Then he p’ed off the supporters of health care reform.

    Starting from a position of almost insurmountable strength, Davis managed to offend and alienate just about every Democratic voter in the state.

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