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High weirdness in the GOP — so, normal

Robert Bentley campaign former staff members raise questions |

Okay, so after (apparently, the recount is underway, but his situation looks good) making the runoff in the gubernatorial primary, in a huge surprise, and being in good shape to win it… after that, Robert Bentley fired a bunch of his campaign staff. He brought in non-Alabamians, led by Mike Huckabee’s son-in-law, to fill their roles. I am increasingly of the opinion that he will blow this, and Bradley Byrne will get the nomination.

Crazy people to stay in Tuscaloosa where they belong

Board votes to recommend rebuilding Bryce hospital in Tuscaloosa | Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Birmingham was trying to get the state to move the insane asylum mental health facility to the empty Carraway Hospital there, but instead they’re going to build a whole new facility here in Tuscaloosa. The University gets the old place, which is going to be lots of fun when they start stashing freshmen there.

Well, that’s a surprise

Alabama Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. plans to seek re-election, skip race for governor –

Everyone thought he’d run for governor. He should win re-election; he’d be term-limited, meaning that in 2016 he’d be looking at either running against an incumbent governor or finding a different track.

Let me guess… 5-4 along party lines?

U.S. Supreme Court hears Alabama voting rights case Monday-

Bob Riley’s continued attack on the very idea that voters should get to decide replacements to county commissions instead of him has made it all the way to SCOTUS, which presumably will decide such things as it usually does, as “whatever’s better for the Republicans”.

What a wonderful idea

Bill to allow some guns at colleges stirs concern-

If you’re a moron. Which Hank Erwin (R-Moron) is.

Erwin said arming students could help in situations like the April mass shooting at Virginia Tech, in which student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people.

This is true. It will be much easier to perpetrate mass shootings if guns are readily available.

There is a simple solution to this

Ethics staff says cases ignored by AG –

“Troy King” has failed to prosecute a single ethics violation by a public official during his time in office. Nine have been recommended to him, and four were on the table when he took the job. Says a spokesman:

“The attorney general has a different and much heavier burden. His is the burden of proof,” Bence said. “Attorney General King has been, and continues to be, pro-active and aggressive on ethics violations,” Bence said.

In the sense that he commits ethics violations like letting Alabama Power treat him to luxury box tickets to Braves games.

Anyway, there’s an easy way to make “Troy” interested. Make ethics violations punishable by the death penalty. He’ll prosecute every one personally.

Two ways of looking at it

Davis ignites fundraising machine-

1. Being on Ways and Means is a great way to raise money to run for governor in 2010.

2. Why would you give up a seat on Ways and Means just to run a losing campaign for governor?