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Heal the sick, comfort the downtrodden, etc.

Update: Officials say dome will bring jobs, other benefits – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

It won’t do that, but then it won’t benefit the economy either. People have been over this and over this… Anyway, they did actually start building the Birmingdome on Tuesday. What will happen when they run out of money, which will happen fairly soon since the county is broke, I don’t know. There were protesters, including one with a sense of history who came up with “Crackpot Dome Scandal”. You don’t see a lot of Harding-era references these days.

I’ll believe that when I see it

The Dome is Coming!

So says a dome-boosting group. I don’t see any news on Found this:

Dome Money Released To BJCC|ABC 33/40 News

But nothing about actually starting construction.

Oh, you’re funny

Mayor Larry Langford calls for immediate action on dome –

Immediate action? On the Birmingdome? Ha! The whole point of the Birmingdome is that there’s never any action, just lots and lots of talk.

Do the Dome!

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford launches new campaign urging release of city money build domed stadium –

He wants to have a “Let’s Do the Dome” rally. I’m not sure what kind of dance the Dome would be, but I want to see it. The actual dome, of course, will never be built but will always exist in potentia.

Lake Larry?

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford envisions lakes replacing Legion Field –

Of course, this requires that the stadium be replaced with the Birmingdome, and since the Birmingdome exists only in a state of potentia and always will, the lakes (and the tennis courts and the walking trails and the space elevator and whatever else he’s got in mind) also exist only in potentia.

Larry is very angry

Birmingham City Council says no again to funding dome, other major projects –

If the city council doesn’t pay for the dome, he says he’ll take his ball and go home call for the repeal of the tax increases that were supposed to, uh, pay for the dome. Yeah, that’s going to happen. Of course, the dome will be immortal — as long as it isn’t actually built.

Respect their authority

Birmingham city councilors demand authority in dome spending, selection –

They’re upset that an out-of-state design firm was chosen (because so many domes have been built in Alabama?) and that no local or minority firms were selected to help. The latter is probably a legitimate point, though my understanding is that local subcontractors are usually chosen later in the process. BMLL is on the BJCC board and thinks that the council is being silly, and that if they’re upset it’s their own fault for not coming to the meetings.


Building a multipurpose dome may not pull in conventions, visitors –

Take it back, take it back! No one may speak against the Holy Birmingdome!

Damn you, economic slowdown!

Finance plan for Birmingham domed stadium may be insufficient –

People out of work? It happens. Homes foreclosed? Bummer. Wall Street freaking out? Actually, kind of funny. But when you start messing with the Birmingdome… Well, you’re going to have to answer to Larry Langford. I bet he has an economic plan all mapped out.

As long as they look at my proposal, I’m happy

Architectural search committee to analyze design proposals for Birmingham’s domed stadium –

I am not adverse to kickbacks, if that’s what it takes.