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Posse Comitatus? What Posse Comitatus?

NYT: Bush nixed using GIs in U.S.

Guess what — Cheney wanted to. I know, what a surprise, huh?

They just don’t care

Former president George W. Bush to throw out first pitch for Texas Rangers – ESPN

Well, if there’s anywhere the WPE won’t get booed, it’s there. But I bet there will be a few boos.

Free at last

So, Bush is gone. Finally. I had a discussion the other day with my father where I suggested that Bush was the least popular person in world history. He said no, Hitler, and for intensity of hatred, I’m sure that’s the case. But when Hitler died, I expect half the world hadn’t heard of him or knew him only tangentially. The world’s population was already centered in eastern Asia, and in China, Indochina, and Indonesia it was the Japanese, not the Germans, who were the enemy. Everyone knows Bush, and basically everyone hates him. (The only places that don’t hate him are in Sub-Saharan Africa, and even there they’re excited more about the new guy, for pretty obvious reasons.) Moreover, the world population is triple or quadruple what it was in 1945, so there are a lot more people to hate Bush.

Ram it, clown

George Bush wants TV farewell – Entertainment News, Business News, Media – Variety

Why the networks would let Bozo the Pseudo-President interrupt their programming is beyond me. Well, Fox I get.

Really, that’s all?

Poll: 23 percent say Cheney worst vice president ever –

Dick Cheney is, without a doubt, our nation’s worst vice president. He is also our best vice president. Because none of the others did anything or had any power or authority whatsoever.

As the Bush regime fades…

Gov. Blagojevich taken into custody – 12/09/08 – Chicago News –

They start arresting Democrats. Now, Blagojevich, from everything I hear, is massively corrupt (and unpopular) and I am not coming to his defense and not putting this post in the “Crooked Republicans” category. But there’s a troubling trend here of outgoing US Attorneys going after Democratic elected officials.

UPDATE: Gosh. If he was really soliciting bribes campaign contributions to fill Obama’s Senate seat, they may have arrested him just in time.

Real meeting of the minds there

Sen. Jeff Sessions takes his bailout concerns to Bush –

Not since Miss Johnson’s kindergarten class on Friday has there been such a collision of massive intellects.

The abnormal heart

Cheney’s abnormal heart rhythm returns –

In the waning days of the Cheney Tyranny, we face the disturbing possibility that George W. Bush may soon be running the country.

That’s our Dick!

US Sen Shelby rips Bush admin Wall St bailout plan | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters

It’s hard to see how the White House is going to get to buy Big Shitpile when the ranking Republican on the Banking Committee says that the plan sucks. At any event, I did something I have never done before, and actually contacted the Senator’s office to thank him for doing this. I mean, I’m not going to vote for him or anything, but then it’s not like anyone’s going to run against him.

WPE to lecture China on human rights

Bush: China must ensure freedoms – China-

Way to go, George. I hear those guys still torture.