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One quibble…

In Huffman, Hoover and Homewood, early voters voice passion for change and conservatism – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

“Change” and “conservatism” could be seen in some quarters as incompatible values. Just saying. I’ll be voting (for Obama) at lunch.

Typical Rush

Rush Limbaugh continues to be scum

But he’s just a lovable teddy bear! He’s only joking about Hillary Clinton wanting to kill John Kerry! Don’t you have a sense of humor?

Next up: Why Kos is history’s greatest monster.

(Via Amygdala.)

Chutzpah – GOP demanding apology from Kerry – Mar 11, 2004

Let me get this straight — the people who are claiming that John Kerry was “endorsed” by the North Korean government and that a vote for Kerry is a vote for Osama are demanding an apology for Kerry saying that they run a crooked campaign?

Get used to it

The Miami Herald | 03/09/2004 | Kerry visits South Florida

You’re going to be spending a lot of time there over the next eight months, Senator. I suggest renting a beach house.

Silver lining

History hints state won’t go for Kerry

Alabama shouldn’t be competitive this November; it hasn’t been since Clinton skipped campaigning in the state in 1992. (That was a mistake; he could have won here, and it cost the party long-term.) However, Bush doesn’t look to win the state by the same margin this time, and the difference between Alabamians who identify themselves as Republicans and those who call themselves Democrats has been cut in half in the last four years. The pollster for the Alabama Education Association thinks that Edwards could have beaten Bush. As it is, if Bush loses Alabama it would be in the process of being the biggest loser in Republican presidential history.

That’s what we do – Kerry, Democrats look to election – Mar. 3, 2004

As a political party, we’re pretty much always looking to one election or another. That’s politics!

I don’t think Kerry will choose Edwards as his running mate; presidential candidates rarely choose their former rivals. I think Bill Richardson’s got the inside track.

Time to unite, folks. Ignore Ralph Nader for now; the odds are he isn’t a concern. Let’s beat Bush.

Not so super

Alabama’s Democratic superdelegates still mostly undecided

Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Redding Pitt committed to Kerry long ago. The other six superdelegates are still waiting to make a decision. I don’t think anyone’s too concerned about them, though.

Meanwhile, the Alabama primary is still June 1. I think they wanted to wait until December, but were informed they had to vote before the general election.

Hypothetically – Kerry, Edwards both top Bush in poll – Feb. 18, 2004

I’m loving this. Edwards 54, Bush 44; Kerry 55, Bush 43. (Among “likely voters”.) Bush’s campaign chair claims it’s because of the focus on the Democrats in their primary campaign, and that’s true. Sort of. He’s the fricking President! He gets attention all the time! It’s just that now the Democrats are getting their fair share as well.

Gentlemen, start your obituaries! – Source: Dean to suspend campaign – Feb. 18, 2004

What a strange campaign. How can you go so quickly from runaway frontrunner to not winning any primaries? I was hoping he’d drop out last night. The pundits were talking like he was staying in, but I heard his “we’ll carry on the fight”-type statements as “The Presidential campaign is over, let’s try to change things another way.”

I was gratified to see that Edwards did so well. Those early returns that had him in the lead… Well, that could have changed everything. I thought that the campaign was over after Virginia and Tennessee, but I may have jumped the gun. At the least, Kerry has to consider Edwards a serious contender, and as a VP candidate. And maybe, just maybe, we can still pull this off.

Edwards is still playing the nice guy, but did anyone catch the mini-slam he came up with on Larry King? I flipped over during a commercial break on 24, and he was talking about the other candidates beside him and Kerry: “Dennis Kucinich, and Al Sharpton, and Howard Dean”. Oooh.

I don’t think Edwards can rely upon winning Georgia and other Southern states to maintain him on Super Tuesday. He has to win a big, non-Southern, prize: California, New York, or Ohio.

It’s over

Exits Poll Results: We Steal from the Corner So You Don’t Have To

You can’t even blame Clark (or Edwards, if you’re a Clark supporter) for stealing the other’s thunder. Kerry’s running near 50 percent, it appears — better than Edwards (who’s well back in second, but way ahead of third) and Clark combined.

Good luck to Senator Kerry. Let’s get him elected.