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New Sarah Palin theory

Mitt Romney paid her off to go away. He’s worth something over $250 million, let’s say he put $2 million in an account in the Caymans and gave her the number.

Okay, it doesn’t make much sense, but what about this does?

This video is dedicated to Mark Sanford

“Hiking the Appalachian Trail” is the new euphemism for politicians having extramarital affairs. As in, “John Edwards was hiking the Appalachian Trail while his wife was dying of cancer.” Or, “Newt Gingrich was hiking the Appalachian Trail while his wife was being treated for cancer, then served her with divorce papers in the hospital.” Or, “Self-hating closeted gay Alabama Attorney General Troy King has been hiking the Appalachian Trail with one of his male staffers for years, and everybody knows it.” Or, “Nobody’s hiked the Appalachian Trail like Bill Clinton.” Though “Flying to Argentina” is good too. Like “John Ensign was flying to Argentina with one of his married staffers, until her husband found out and tried to get hush money.”

How now, red cow?

2012 Race Begins for Republicans — Political Wire

I don’t think that even the Republicans are dumb enough to unite behind a loser empty suit like Romney or an airhead like Palin. Huckabee’s a good candidate, and they might have made things interesting if they’d given him the VP slot, but the money people hate him. So basically, they’ve just been polled about which of three people they aren’t going to choose which one they’d choose.