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This is “wonderful”

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

[Raises hand]

Now closing: GeoCities, a relic of Web’s early days | Webware – CNET

Raise your hand if back in the day you pronounced the name to rhyme with “atrocities”.

ABC 33/40 News – Alabama’s News Leader

ABC 33/40 News – Alabama’s News Leader

Apparently, I just got a pingback spam from NBC 13. If it wasn’t them, it was a very odd spamming what with the NBC 13 web address and email and the Media General Inc. IP address. I’m wondering if I should email someone about this.

People are sick

I just deleted a comment by a spammer attached to my last post, talking about how hurricanes, while obviously bad, are a great tourism opportunity because everything’s cheap in the aftermath. Except, you know, housing. And potable water. And ice. And…

Anyway, what a jackass.

It’s going to be hot!

EPA report looks at global warming’s effects on the South-

Thanks, guys!

I shouldn’t complain. This is a lot more than I ever expected from the Bush “Administration”.

I have my limits

One of them is that I won’t deal with Ron Paul people. This is a little-bitty website and maybe it’s little-bitty of me, but I can’t take them. Anyway, I just deleted rather than approve a comment from a Ron Paul person about how there are “more important things” than dealing with climate change. There are no more important things. The very existence of civilization is threatened by climate change. These nutjobs are unable to believe this because, well, they’re nutjobs, but it’s true.


Is Barack Obama Muslim?


Oh, this is a good one

Mayor proposes more laptops for high schools – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

He’s not talking about handing the laptops out. He’s talking about “portable labs” attached to the high schools. Which will have computers that happen to be extremely, well, portable. So, how long will this initiative last? Head on down to the pawn shop for further details.

How do I get on these lists (continued)

Okay, now it’s an email from Steve Windom’s wife, who is running for the court of criminal appeals:

Dear Mac,

I am Mary Windom and I am seeking your support in the Republican Primary for Place 2 on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

The “Dear Mac” thing is what gets me. I’d pretty much figured that I was getting these as bulk emails sent to everyone at the school. However, if that was the case it wouldn’t say “Mac”, because my email has my full name. So someone else has sold my email address to Republicans and flat-earthers.

This is wonderful

China Law Could Impede Microsoft Deal for Yahoo |

We have reached the stage where a corrupt pseudo-Communist plutocracy has more consumer-friendly laws than the United States of America.