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Poor baby

Mother Of Olympic Bomber Complains Of Son’s Prison Treatment – News –

I refuse to listen to the complaints of a woman who raises terrorists.

You can’t actually stop it

Victims say Rudolph is taunting-

Sure, it’s tasteless, but you were expecting class of a man who lived in a hole in the ground for five years? As Alice Martin points out, inmates don’t lose their freedom of speech. If he were actually inciting violence that would be different, but he seems to stop short of going that far.

You bet, Eric

Bomber Rudolph bemoans prison conditions | – Houston Chronicle

He doesn’t like prison. Isn’t that a shame. I suppose it’s a real step down from living in a hole in the ground:

Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph laments in a series of letters to a newspaper that the maximum-security federal prison where he is spending the rest of his life is designed to drive him insane.

“It is a closed-off world designed to isolate inmates from social and environmental stimuli, with the ultimate purpose of causing mental illness and chronic physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis,” he wrote in one letter to The Gazette of Colorado Springs.

This is all more or less correct. In his case, I don’t mind so much.

Rudolph gets a delay – News – Judge Delays Hearing On Location Of Rudolph Trial

Terror-boy’s terror lawyers asked for received a week’s delay in the hearing about whether the trial will be shifted out of Birmingham. They say an important witness can’t be located. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because the hearing is about if the pretrial publicity means that Terror-boy can get a fair trial. What, is the witness someone who’s been publicizing the trial? Is it me?

He’s ours!

Judge sets Rudolph trial hearing for June

Eric Rudolph’s terror lawyers want his trial moved from Birmingham, and a judge has set a hearing for June 14 in Huntsville to hear their arguments. The terror lawyers say that “an unacceptable percentage” of jurors have already concluded his guilt. Well, he was seen leaving the scene, he did have materials identical to those used in the bomb in his truck and home, and he did run away to the woods and live in a hole in the ground for five years when the cops started looking for him. I can see why that might be considered prejudicial.

All I can say is that Eric’s got himself a few (mostly female) trolls who like to post here about how he’s innocent. And so cute!

You think?

Rudolph’s attorneys argue testimony may inflame jury

Terror attorneys (hey, if you represent mobsters you’re a mob attorney) say that allowing evidence of the massive, painful, and crippling injuries suffered by Emily Lyons at the cowardly hands of Eric Rudolph would inflame the jury. Gosh, why would they think that? This is all part of the claim that Rudolph’s terrorist attack on an abortion clinic, which claimed the life of a police officer, doesn’t meet the claim of “aggravating circumstances” needed for the death penalty. Sure, if you throw out all the evidence it doesn’t.

1 terrorist, 5 lawyers

Two more attorneys named to Rudolph team

I guess three wasn’t enough. One is former judge, law school dean, and mayoral candidate Emory Anthony; the other a San Francisco lawyer who specializes in capital cases. They’re giving Rudolph every chance to save his skin.