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Jeff Sessions is an evil little troll.

And he’s my Senator!

Matthew Yglesias » Thought of the Day

I didn’t vote for him.

That’s always good

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions lectures Senate on judicial philosophy –

Nothing like being lectured on history by the dumb guy who thinks he’s an expert.

Sessions really is quite stupid, you know

Sessions Subordinate: I Thought I’d Be Fired If I Objected To Being Called ‘Boy’ | TPMDC

But except for civil rights cases, Sessions was a great boss!

So the Republican Party is popeyed and slackjawed?

Sessions to be ‘face’ of GOP | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

Silly Matt

Matthew Yglesias » Sessions Explains that Racially Charged Remarks Were Taken “Out of Context,” Declines to Provide the Context

The context is that he was a Republican in Alabama in the early eighties. It’s totally unfair to hold that against him now! He wouldn’t say that sort of thing now, if there was any chance of it being repeated. Not about black people, anyway.

The Temp

Far Right Sen. Sessions To Take Over For Specter On Judiciary Committee…For Now | TPMDC

He’s just holding down the fort for Chuck Grassley to take the job in 2011, assuming Grassley runs for and wins re-election. The ELT will therefore get to bring his own special brand of wingnuttiness to the upcoming confirmation hearings for whomever President Obama appoints to the Supreme Court. He will thereby earn a sort of immortality on The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, and probably the presidential endorsements of wingnut bloggers.

Wingnuts want Sessions


Seriously, people, put that man in your senior spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Obama could get Lani Guinier confirmed for the Supreme Court.