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Pour épater les Républicains

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize | TPMDC

Basically, the Nobel Committees have decided to issue one prize a year simply to annoy the US Republican Party — Gore the Peace Prize in 2007, Krugman the Economics award in 2008, and now this. Needless to say, I approve.

Japan has rednecks?

ESPN – A new world record?

A Japanese fisherman has possibly set a new largemouth bass record. Well, technically the bass set the record and the fisherman killed it.

In this case, I have to believe the Kremlin

AFP: Mamma Mia! Putin denies mystery ABBA concert

A former American President — I forget his name — said that he looked into Putin’s soul. And if there’s one thing I know about ABBA, it’s that they never had any soul.

Now, that’s a lede!

The Hindu : International : Maggots to help feed fish and reduce cow manure

Cow manure and fish guts and maggots. It could all soon be dinner — if you are a rainbow trout.

So the maggots eat the poop, then the fish eat the maggots, and then the people eat the fish. (Since this story is from India, they don’t eat the cows, but they do eat them in Boise, where the science is being done. Also: potatoes.) At any rate, it’s vitally important that you not think about this when you’re eating. And if you are eating, I’m sorry.

Happy birthday, Grandma! Grandma?

Killer pet camel was ‘birthday present’ – National –

So this lady liked “exotic pets”, and for her 60th her family bought her a camel. Which turned out to be an insane camel — that is, a camel. It used to try to kill her goat by sitting on its head. This time, it knocked her down, stomped her head, then sat on her. Camels are mean.

(Hat tip: Meryl.)

Say what you want about the French…

List of French monarchs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But they had some fun with their kings’ names. Well, their epithets — the names are mostly Louis and Charles. Here’s a selection:

Pepin the Short
Charles the Bald
Louis the Stammerer
Charles the Fat
Louis the Indolent aka Louis the Sluggard
Charles the Simple
Louis the Fat
Louis the Quarreler aka Louis the Headstrong
Charles the Mad

Birmingham now on Mississippi River

Outside looking in-

Mobile, too. To be fair, they’re Australians and probably drunk.

From the Don’t Refuse a Compliment, Even If It’s Misplaced, Department: The Australian talks up cruising on the Mississippi River. One spot not to miss: The Magic City. “Down the Lower Mississippi the Queens take travellers … from Birmingham, Alabama, home of the civil rights marches, to Mobile, and Memphis … in a variety of cruises.” We knew a quake on the New Madrid Fault could change the course of the Mighty Mississippi, but this cruise line might be getting ahead of itself.

For Yankees and other various foreigners, Birmingham is about 200 miles from the Mississippi, and not, in fact, on any river at all. The closest rivers, the Black Warrior and the Cahaba, flow into the Tombigbee and the Alabama, which flow into the Gulf.