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And that’s a bad thing?

Germany is ISAF’s Weakest Link | Atlantic Council

Historically speaking, a “competent German military” is always bad news.

Everyone’s a bit on edge

Suspicious package briefly closes Southside streets – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

You know what gets me? That the “package” — which was just a homeless man’s gear — was found near Southside Baptist Church and the Southside Library. (Location.) Now, I’ve spent hours in that area — I would eat lunch on the steps of the church, and I volunteered at that library for a period. But it wasn’t the Southside Library then, it was Parke Memorial. There was a different library that had the Southside name. When did this change?


Alabama trio flees Iraq amid assualt [sic] warning

That might be a good idea. It’s kind of hard to do business when you’re scared to leave your room. One of the three businessmen is Winton Blount IV, scion of a prominent family of Alabama Republicans.

Everything’s fine, then

Albania May Send More Troops to Iraq

If Albania is willing to increase its gigantic 71-man contingent in Iraq, no problem! Heck, that might make up for a week’s casualties. Yes, I’m bitter.

“Albania”, by the way, is yet another word that the Tuscaloosa News website reads as “Alabama”.

“Am I surprised? Gosh, yes!”

Rumsfeld : Recent U.S. deaths in Iraq higher than expected

I don’t know what would be worse, if he’s lying and knew that this would happen, or that he’s telling the truth and the burgeoning Iraqi Civil War took him completely by surprise. In any event, I’m betting that the latter is the case.

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I’m sure that’s a comfort – Army clears record of Muslim chaplain it once suspected of spying – Apr 15, 2004

Try clearing his name, now. How about an apology? As it is, James Yee can get together with Richard Jewell and start a club.

Outraged out

Matthew Yglesias: Death Squads, Dude

L’Affaire Negroponte:

Not to beat a dead horse here, but I’m not seeing enough outrage here. Where are the liberal hawks and the neocons and even just the regular liberals (Kevin, Atrios, Josh, …)?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m outraged out. I mean, you can only sustain so much outrage before you turn into Martin Sheen or somebody. Bush’s domestic agenda has had me on pretty much a sustained stutter since late 2002, at least. And he’s already appointed Negroponte once, and Elliot Abrams, and freaking Kissinger… So even appointing Mr. Death Squads Ambassador to Iraq only provokes an “Eh, typical” shrug at this stage.