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Only the good die young

Evangelist Oral Roberts Dead At 91 | TPM News Pages.

I love these guys


There’s one of these “King James Believing” Baptist churches near my house. Apparently, the idea is that the KJV — translated, mind you, fifteen centuries or so after the New Testament under the authority of a semi-Catholic monarch — is the unerring Word of God. I don’t think most of the others go to the extremes of saying that the other Bibles should be burned, but given their premises, it’s not too surprising. The ultimate expression of a certain strain of Baptism is one guy holding a flamethrower shaped like a Bible.

Contemporary Christian music really is a tool of the Devil, though.

He’s back!

Roy Moore makes it official, he’s running for Alabama governor – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Well, this should be amusing. Don’t count him out. It’s looking like a crowded primary on the Republican side, and he could very easily finish first in a four- or five-way race with a core of 35 percent of the GOP made up of crazies. He’d have to win the runoff, but weird things happen in runoffs, and it would be about getting out the vote.

So sorry…

Brenda Lee, Reporter, Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Near Air Force One

You know you’re crazy…

Roy Moore distances himself from backer who says schools indoctrinating with Islam and communism –

When Roy Moore has to distance himself from you.

The pope is an asshole

Really?: Heart Of Darkness

I won’t miss him

Conservative activist Paul Weyrich dead at 66 – Politics-

But I’m not here to attack the dead. Well, not exactly. The story goes on to say that he had been “in ill health” for years and had had both legs amputated. That sure looks like diabetes, and as a diabetic I’m sensitive to that. But I can’t think of why you’d try to keep that secret.

It was just here a minute ago…

Clergyman says church has vanished – Yahoo! News

Wow, that takes me back

Palin at times blurred church-state line – Decision ’08-

Sarah Barracuda billed the state for travel expenses for trips to a church? Guy Hunt used to do the same thing. ‘Twas one of the things that got him removed from office. But then again, things are different in Alaska, right?

Saddam was a tyrant and we brought freedom to Iraq

Christians flee Iraqi city after killings, threats, officials say –