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Scrushy ordered to pay investors $2.9 billion – U.S. business-

Of course, he doesn’t have $2.9 billion. And rather than completely being wiped out, I’m sure he’ll declare bankruptcy and preserve what he can. But he deserves this. He deserves more, but this will have to do.

That’s our Dick!

Silicon Valley: HealthSouth Paid For Someone’s Fake Boobs

I haven’t mentioned it, but there’s a civil trial going on where Scrushy’s being sued — basically, an OJ situation. One thing that’s come out is that the Scrush had the company pay for replacement fake boobs for a member of his silly girl group.

Let’s get digital

Trinity Medical Center has asked the state for permission to move to a former HealthSouth site along U.S. 280 –

This is, still, the old “digital hospital” that was Richard Scrushy’s dream, now just an ordinary analog hospital. Or its shell. Trinity wants to move from its current location to the site on US 280, but Brookwood Medical will probably try to block it because it’s in Brookwood’s “market”. They’re all a bunch of loving caregivers, really.

McCain campaign tied to Scrushy!

HealthSouth recovers $133 million in suit against investment vbank [sic] UBS –

So, UBS, which helped Richard Scrushy in his massive fraud against the shareholders of HealthSouth and the people of the United States of America, has to pay $100 million and forgive $33 million in “debt”. UBS’ vice chairman is Phil Gramm, John McCain’s top economics man. Under the McCain Rules, this means that Gramm is guilty by association. When will John McCain condemn Phil Gramm for his fraud against HealthSouth shareholders?

Screw you, Irondale!

Trinity Medical to buy HealthSouth’s abandoned hospital –

This is the famous “digital hospital”, which would have seen all diseases as a series of ones and zeroes. It was abandoned when the HealthSouth scandal hit, with the shell of the building completed but everything else unfinished. Birmingham gave Trinity $55 million in incentives (I’m guessing dome money) to buy the place and finish it. Trinity was going to build a new hospital in Irondale, but so much for that.

I hope this continues tomorrow!

UPDATE: Richard Scrushy in Birmingham courtroom to answer questions – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

I’ve been subpoenaed (don’t ask, it doesn’t really have anything to do with me) and will have to be in the same courthouse tomorrow. Just think, me and Scrushy, same building, both telling judges they don’t know anything about that. Only I’ll be telling the truth.

Maybe the mayor should disassociate himself

Mayor dissolves school laptop board; John Katopodis disassociates himself from charity-


BMLL dissolved the board of his laptop charity, what with the alleged corruption and the HealthSouth link and the gay porn and all, and has asked the City Council to name another in its place. I’m sure that he won’t try to influence the selections at all.

All my worlds collide

HealthSouth lawsuit challenges Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford’s first computer charity-

Now, this is a lede:

A charity Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford created more than seven years ago to give every child a computer faces scrutiny from a donor and federal prosecutors over its use of more than $1 million in taxpayer money, including payments on personal credit card bills, expenses for “elaborate” trips and checks written to a star of gay-porn films.

This is completely different from the charity BMLL has organized to give every child in Birmingham a laptop. Of course, the new charity is managed by the same guy (former Birmingham councilman and failed mayoral candidate John Katapotis, whose last name seems to be Greek for “bad leader”). But no problems there!

Documents filed in the Jefferson County lawsuit against Katopodis show nonprofit programs managing Langford’s first computer charity paid:

$30,000 to Marc Anthony Donais, also known as Ryan Idol, a star in gay adult films.

$28,000 in cash to Katopodis through checks and automatic teller withdrawals, including withdrawals at casinos.

$12,000 a year in rent for office space to a group run by Katopodis, even though Katopodis was not charged rent for the building.

As much as $10,000 to Langford, which he said went to a private charity he controlled.

Thousands of dollars to pay personal credit cards, phone bills and expenses, including Jim Burke Auto, Triumph Auto, Highlands restaurant, and airfare and hotels “to various places such as British Columbia” – all expenses that the lawsuit states “likely did not benefit” the computer charity.

I’m sure that trips to British Columbia were made entirely in the pursuit of getting laptops for kids. I am trying not to make a “laptop” joke about the gay porn thing.


Burger King CEO joins HealthSouth board – Business News from The Birmingham News –

Who better for the board of a hospital company than the CEO of a fast-food chain noted for the most artery-choking sandwiches to be found?

I want one!

Fairfield pulls signs off Scrushy Parkway-

The signs have been “archived” so they won’t show up on Ebay. (Really, that’s what they say.) If they give me one, I promise that I won’t sell it.