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Beware the $5 counterfeiter bandit!

I stepped into a well-known fast food restaurant this morning for a quick breakfast. Little did I know that this fiend has apparently been going around distributing fake $5 bills. Or, apparently, that’s what the cashier thought was going on, as she summoned two managers to tell them that my bill was fake. One of the managers quickly assured her that this was not so. But as everyone knows, counterfeiters love to fake small currency, because they make their money on volume.


At about 9:15…

There is a line of dialogue so spectacular that they should get an award for it. I’m thinking the first ever Nobel for insanely wonderful dialogue. It’s really something special.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He’s going to be okay

Van, police motorcycle collide – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Therefore, I can cite this:

A Bessemer police motorscout was hit this afternoon by a minivan — in which two people dressed as clowns were the passengers — hurling him 50 feet.

Clowns! Killer Clowns from Bessemer!

Why do they need a van to transport just two clowns? I’ve seen ten clowns fit into a Volkswagen!

In which I Google myself

(I don’t recommend it; you’ll go blind.)

Anyway, you know that there’s an autocomplete function in the Google searchbox built into Firefox? A few weeks ago, I realized that my name had wound up as a popular enough hit on Google that -mac thomason- was now one of the autocompletes. (If you typed in -mac tho- the rest would show up.) But now -mac thompson- and -mac thomas- and -mac thomson- are all showing up. I don’t know what this means other than that I have a tremendous ego for someone with so much time on his hands.

Merry Christmas, everyone

I’m actually quite serious

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I made a joke in the comments to this post saying that I expect some Republican soon to endorse the return of chastity belts. Upon further reflection, I think that this should be taken seriously. There is very little I would put past the modern Republican Party. And remember Newt Gingrich’s orphanages? Eventually, they’ll be forced to move past abstinence “education” and into abstinence enforcement. I only hope they stop short of female circumcision. I mean it — I would believe anything from them at this point.


Fewer gents than ladies vow `I do’ in the U.S.-

Okay… gay marriage is illegal, right?