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But fish don’t have feet!

Court takes up ban on fish pedicures –

It’s been a while since I had a good fish post… Anyway, the fish are performing the pedicures, not getting them. The fish eat dead skin from people’s feet. The practice is banned by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology — a notorious band of nanny-state zealots — apparently because it’s gross, or as they say “unhealthy”. I could see how it would be bad for the fish

Well, it’s better than Godzilla again

Japanese fishermen brace for giant jellyfish –

Japan has rednecks?

ESPN – A new world record?

A Japanese fisherman has possibly set a new largemouth bass record. Well, technically the bass set the record and the fisherman killed it.

Yeah, but then what will you do about the fish?

Free fish offered to get rid of mosquitoes –

The Mobile County Health Department will give minnows to anybody who shows up with an empty container. These minnows will be used for bait are supposed to eat mosquito larvae. Then, presumably, they’ll give away cats to eat the minnows, dogs to chase the cats, horses…

But the lesions add to the flavor!

Fish with lesions being caught around Mobile Bay –

The state is warning not to eat fish with lesions around the throat. I suggest avoiding eating anything with lesions anywhere.

Best in Show 2: The Fishening

Koi enthusiast competes finny friends in fish shows –

Of course there are fish shows. Hey, it\’s no dumber than professional bass fishing. You think these guys and the bass fishermen get into rumbles? I hope so.

The first inhabitant of Buck Williams’ Midfield fish pond was a goldfish named Lucky, who experienced a classic example of being in the right place at the right time about 30 years ago.

“I was at the state fair and I found him flopping in the grass in the parking lot. The bowl was nearby so I went to the restroom and put some water in it. He survived that chlorinated water,” Williams said. “I never knew what happened to Lucky. He disappeared (in the crowd) as I got more fish.”

I don’t know how to tell you this, Buck, but I’m guessing Lucky got eaten.

Seriously, I think this could be the next big thing. Maybe Westminster could spin off a fish show, put it on TV.

Let’s do something!

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford wants city to quadruple city support for Birmingham Zoo, proposes a 1 million gallon aquarium – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

This is fine, I suppose. I like the zoo. I like the idea of bringing elephants back to the zoo. I don’t know about the aquarium, though BMLL points out that it would only be half the size of Atlanta’s aquarium. There’s just one little problem. I’ll let city councilwoman Valerie Abbott have the floor:

“Certainly I don’t know anyone who’s not in favor of supporting city amenities, especially the state’s largest tourist attraction,” she said. “But as always we need to know where the money’s coming from. The little voice in my head is saying, ‘Where are we getting all this money?'”

It’s kind of weird, is all.

They have testicles?

Blowfish testicles poison seven in Japanese restaurant | World news |

Well, I guess they’d have to. I actually knew that blowfish ovaries were poisonous, but didn’t know about the testicles, though I guess that follows. Anyway, Japan has a licensing system for fugu chefs, and this guy wasn’t licensed. If you must eat potentially poisonous fish, please be sure to check the chef’s credentials first.

(Thanks to Del.)

Pretty strong words there!

Alabama sturgeon among dozen fish considered imperiled | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

“Imperiled” in the sense of “barely exists”. As far as anyone knows, there are only two Alabama sturgeon left, and I believe that they are both the same sex (I don’t remember which). It’s essentially extinct.

Poor fish

Alabama’s many endangered aquatic species are unprotected –

About half of Alabama’s imperiled aquatic species are vulnerable to the same kind of actions, experts say. Mostly, they say, Alabama’s rare fish rely on the simple wisdom and charity of neighbors and landowners with no science expertise.

In other words, you’re screwed, fishies.