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St. Roy of the Teabags

Trussville Tax Day Tea Party draws about 350 people |

Yes, St. Roy himself addressed the local teabaggers. A real meeting of the minds, there. Whoever the speaker is, the teabag brigade gets to hear rhetoric that is almost, but not quite, calling for the violent overthrow of the elected government of the United States of America, and Roy did not disappoint, breaking out the Thomas Paine and the Patrick Henry and comparing the present environment to the American Revolution. Because, well, he’s an idiot and so are the teabaggers.

Says it all, really

Black candidate says no to black Alabama groups |

Artur Davis is now officially betting that he can win the Democratic nomination for Governor on the strength of the votes of white Republicans. Good luck with that one, Artie.

This week in unfortunate phrasing

UAH President Williams: ‘We’re being reborn’ |

“We have survived our winter of discontent,” Williams said.

Well, most of you have.

Artur Davis can suck it.

Alabama House delegation unanimous in voting no on health care reform |

This is a disgusting betrayal of his constituents and of the principles he once claimed to hold, not to mention many of his House colleagues who put their jobs on the line to vote for this bill. All in the name of a hopeless chase for the Alabama governorship in which all he’s accomplished is to piss off the Democratic electorate, including me. Not only will Ron Sparks be getting my vote in the gubernatorial primary, if Davis gets the nomination (which I no longer think he will) I’ll be voting Libertarian in the general.

Make that 850 years

Langford’s rant could add up to jail time | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL.

After your conviction, you should probably shut up. Judges can add on to your sentence if you show a lack of remorse. Larry said that he was treated worse than Jeffrey Dahmer, while his wife said he was treated worse than Hitler. (Hitler, of course, suicided before he could be put on trial.) Larry also claimed that the witnesses against him never said that they gave him any “gifts” even though they testified that they did.

I love these guys


There’s one of these “King James Believing” Baptist churches near my house. Apparently, the idea is that the KJV — translated, mind you, fifteen centuries or so after the New Testament under the authority of a semi-Catholic monarch — is the unerring Word of God. I don’t think most of the others go to the extremes of saying that the other Bibles should be burned, but given their premises, it’s not too surprising. The ultimate expression of a certain strain of Baptism is one guy holding a flamethrower shaped like a Bible.

Contemporary Christian music really is a tool of the Devil, though.

French people are stupid

I Guess They Don’t Do Oppo Research In France – Swampland –

I mean, this sort of thing… American political operatives would have been all over this. Any American political operatives at any time. You think that the Federalists didn’t go over Jefferson’s writings with a fine-toothed comb?