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This week in unfortunate phrasing

UAH President Williams: ‘We’re being reborn’ |

“We have survived our winter of discontent,” Williams said.

Well, most of you have.

Past tense, people

Student wrecks car on snowy road, disappears –

As in “wrecked”, “disappeared”. Did we mention that this happened four years ago? And that this is the lead story on Jesus, it’s not like there isn’t enough real news right now.

I have my limits

One of them is that I won’t deal with Ron Paul people. This is a little-bitty website and maybe it’s little-bitty of me, but I can’t take them. Anyway, I just deleted rather than approve a comment from a Ron Paul person about how there are “more important things” than dealing with climate change. There are no more important things. The very existence of civilization is threatened by climate change. These nutjobs are unable to believe this because, well, they’re nutjobs, but it’s true.

Here we go again

Police seek man who walked out of Bryce |

Well, at least they told us this time.

He is described as 5’7,” 122 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a burgundy shirt and camouflage shorts. Police say he was at Bryce on a Jefferson County court order and should be considered a danger to the community.

So basically, crazy people who have been locked up by the courts can just stroll off from the mental institution and nobody there stops them. This is at least the third time it’s happened in the last five years, once with an actual convicted murderer. Did I mention that Bryce is right next to the University campus?

I’m actually quite serious

Leaning Towards the Dark Side » Blog Archive » Critical news of the day

I made a joke in the comments to this post saying that I expect some Republican soon to endorse the return of chastity belts. Upon further reflection, I think that this should be taken seriously. There is very little I would put past the modern Republican Party. And remember Newt Gingrich’s orphanages? Eventually, they’ll be forced to move past abstinence “education” and into abstinence enforcement. I only hope they stop short of female circumcision. I mean it — I would believe anything from them at this point.

I just have one thing to ask

Ramsey is just a friend, Holloway says –

They aren’t going to have kids, are they?

This will never end

Aruba yard searched for second day in [H*ll*w*y] case –

I had a rule that I would never talk about N*t*l** H*ll*w*y, but new site, new rules. Anyway, this case is going to last forever. In the year 2176, scuba divers will be searching for N*t*l** H*ll*w*y where the now-flooded island of Aruba once was. The search for Osama bin Laden should be so diligent. I, personally, hold to my brother’s opinion that N*t*l** H*ll*w*y is alive and well in Mexico, having fled from her obviously insane mother.