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Excuse me?

13 die as Islamic radicals, Hamas clash in Gaza –

Hamas doesn’t qualify as “radical” anymore?

Iraq? What Iraq?

Fox News graphics department has shaky grasp of Mideast geography | Media Matters for America

More bastards – Suicide blast wounds 4 at Israel-Gaza border – Apr 17, 2004

There’s almost no point in continuing to point these out. Nothing more to say.

Promises, promises

Hamas Leader Vows ‘Earthshaking’ Revenge

Yassin’s been dead since Monday, and you guys still haven’t done diddly. I’m sure there will be another attack, but it won’t have anything to do with Yassin’s death. Hamas is always trying attacks, but most of the time they fail.

Better off dead – Hamas founder killed in Israeli airstrike – Mar 22, 2004

Good for the Israelis. I’m sure there are lots of comments elsewhere in the Blogosphere (for instance, you can always count on Laurence for unfettered glee) but you ever notice that Yassin looked like a cross between Castro and Khomeini?

Some “mistake” – Flap over Jewish travel visa ban – Feb. 28, 2004

I’m late to this story, but I was busy… The government of Saudi-occupied Arabia posted a notice on its tourism website that Jews wouldn’t be issued travel visas to the country. An embassy spokesman says that this was posted “by mistake”. Uh-huh. So either they don’t have such a policy, and some flunky put it up there for no good reason, or they do have such a policy, and it’s a secret, or they do have such a policy and can’t figure out why everyone got upset.


30 injured, ten seriously in blast on bus in Jerusalem

How can anyone even pretend that this sort of thing is a legitimate act of rebellion against oppression? They blow up buses, not military targets. It’s trying to kill as many Jews as they can.

UPDATE: Seven dead so far. And some jackass on CNN is blaming the bombing on the security fence, which is like blaming bulletproof vests for a shooting spree.