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She’s very confused

Hoover police seek woman in Inverness bank robbery – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

She was wearing black framed glasses and an orange Auburn University T-shirt. She was carrying a white canvas bag with red along the bottom and what’s believed to be a University of Alabama “A” on it.



Update: Auburn taps Chizik as its new football coach – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –


You can tell he’s smart

Auburn native Robert Gibbs expected to be named Obama press secretary –

Because he got the Hell out of Auburn and didn’t go to college there.

Headline omitted due to uncontrollable cackling

Gump For Heisman: The Alabama Football Fan’s Guide to following the 2008 Auburn Tigers

Poor Auburn… Poor, poor Auburn.

This guy is not Auburn’s new quarterback

Tigers turn to veteran assistant to make offense click –

He’s the new offensive coordinator. But they would be better off if he was, because they need a new quarterback.


Charles Barkley might run for mayor of Leeds – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

He wouldn’t be the worst elected official in Jefferson County, that’s for sure.

Crisis over, you can go home

Councilman proposes advisory board to guide county financial recovery – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

William Bell has solved all the sewer bond difficulties:

Bell, at a City Hall press conference this morning, said a panel composed of business school deans from the University of Alabama, Auburn University and Miles College would evaluate all proposals from financial institutions and make recommendations to the commission. The process should take no longer than 60 days, he said.

It’s the no longer than 60 days part that lets you know he’s really thought this through. It took him a whole week to come up with this! Also: Auburn has a business school? An agribusiness school, that I can see. Well, the chickens and cows aren’t going to sell themselves. Note that UAB has a business school, and it isn’t being consulted. Yeah, cutting off the county’s largest employer out of pique is a brilliant idea.