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I hate Hollywood

Yellow Submarine Remake? It’s All Too Much – Yellow Submarine – io9

Both out of ideas and stupid.

The suckitude of this can not be measured

Roland Emmerich finds ‘Foundation’ – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety

Roland Emmerich, who is, without a doubt, the worst producer of science-fiction films alive, is going to ruin Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy on the big screen, at least in theory. (These things have a way of not happening.) He is terrible, terrible, terrible. The producer of crap like Independence Day and the American Godzilla and that piece of horrifying tripe that was The Day After Tomorrow will no doubt dumb this down so far as to be not only unrecognizable but actually completely unrelated.

This, too, will suck

New Regency nabs ‘End of Eternity’ – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety

The End of Eternity is probably my favorite of Asimov’s early novels, and other than The Caves of Steel probably the best suited to film. However, the movie will suck because they will want lots of fights and things blowing up and that’s just not what Asimov was about.

This is gonna suck! (Again)

Shaye, Lynne on for ‘Foundation’

So, the people who used to run New Line Films are unemployed and want to start up a new production house. Since New Line’s biggest hits were the Lord of the Rings films, they think, “Huh, trilogy, beloved by millions,” and come up with Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books. Which are great, but hardly filmic, since they mostly consist of talking while all the action is offscreen.

A few years ago, someone else was working on a Foundation movie, and I said that was gonna suck too. Never happened, thankfully. The idiots who were making that were concerned that Asimov was, gasp, “intellectual”.

Movies! In Bessemer!

Movie theater to open tonight in Bessemer – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

I actually remember when you could see a movie in Bessemer, but I don’t think my younger siblings do. It’s been a long, long time. The old movie theater has spent the last several years as a temporary public library, of all things.