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I hate Hollywood

Yellow Submarine Remake? It’s All Too Much – Yellow Submarine – io9

Both out of ideas and stupid.


Bus carrying University of Albama band members hits car in Atlanta | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

After the lawsuit, the band will have to change its name to the $600,000 Band.

Yeah, but it sucks

Analyst: Music pieces probably composed by young Mozart –

I mean, I’m sure it’s better than anything I could write, but Mozart’s juvenilia really isn’t very good, so I have to figure that something composed before he learned musical notation must be very bad indeed.

Yeah, that’s weird

“You know something Whoopi? It would be a blast if Michael asked me to dance”: The Michael Jackson video that time forgot | Music | A.V. Club

I was watching one of the Michael Jackson marathons last weekend, and this video popped up. It disturbed me, because I had no recollection of it, and my recall of mid-to-late eighties music videos is awfully detailed at times. (I have many talents.) So, I guess the reason is that it was never released as a single in the US. Seems a lot of effort to go through just for foreigners.

What great news!

Jackson’s mother awarded guardianship of his children –

It’s not like her husband has a history of beating his kids and driving them to long-term mental illness or anything.

Oooh, I hate these cases

Don Henley sues Senate candidate over song use –

Don Henley versus a California Republican? Is there any way they could both lose?

In this case, I have to believe the Kremlin

AFP: Mamma Mia! Putin denies mystery ABBA concert

A former American President — I forget his name — said that he looked into Putin’s soul. And if there’s one thing I know about ABBA, it’s that they never had any soul.