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Separated at birth?

Disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich…


and disturbed Californian musical genius Brian Wilson?


God, I miss Spy.

I’ve got nothing

So I’ll just open up the request lines. This one goes out to Sarah Palin!

I don’t believe that

Catt Sirten’s popular jazz programs leaving WHIL for WZEW – Breaking News from the Press-Register –

“Popular jazz programs”? Riiiight.

Send Kenny Rogers to Gitmo

Wonkette: The D.C. Gossip » Blog Archive » Terrorists Now Putting Bombs In Your Roaster Chickens

At long last, and by force

WBHM radio station reduces airing of classical music-

I, in fact, happen to know why it took the shutdown of their provider to get UAB’s public radio station to start playing NPR during the workday rather than classical music. Almost everyone has, for years, wanted WBHM to play more NPR. However, they refused to do so, because of a tiny clique of doctors at the medical center. Seriously. When I was an undergrad at UAB, the station director up and told a whole class, including me, that this was the reason. This was in 1990.

Cancer, again

Beatles friend, record chief Aspinall dies –

I probably shouldn’t post this, but do you think Paul McCartney wonders sometimes if it’s him, if he’s somehow a carrier?

George Takei sings!

CBS to air ‘Stars’ – Entertainment News, TV News, Media – Variety

Sings country, in fact. Previously on “Star Trek Actors Attempt to Sing”:

Let’s just say that I’m sure Sulu can beat that.