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The Birmingdome of Roads

Alabama Department of Transportation sets first public meeting on three plans for proposed Finley bypass –

Birmingham City Councilwoman Maxine Parker said she grew up hearing her granddad and other men in her Collegeville community talking about the Finley bypass.

They’ve been talking about this since 1968! They’ve built something like a hundred miles of interstate in Jefferson County alone since then, and they still haven’t gotten beyond the preliminary planning stages on this. I would guess — I wouldn’t want to call the people who have run Alabama over the years racist or anything — that it has something to do with the community that it would serve.

My other Senator is also a jackass

Bonus Quote of the Day — Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

You have to be kidding me

It’s North vs. South in Big Three bailout fight – Capitol Hill-

So we’re going to complain about having tax money getting sent up North? Because the basic fact is that for many, many years, the South has been a net drain on the Federal purse. Michigan, on the other hand, has usually been a net loser. And while $25 billion is a whole lot of money, in terms of the United States government, it’s a drop in the bucket. Well, three or four drops.

Richard Shelby, of all people, is going around complaining about this. Shelby complaining about Federal money getting spent is like Ron Jeremy preaching abstinence.

Real meeting of the minds there

Sen. Jeff Sessions takes his bailout concerns to Bush –

Not since Miss Johnson’s kindergarten class on Friday has there been such a collision of massive intellects.

That’s our Dick!

US Sen Shelby rips Bush admin Wall St bailout plan | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters

It’s hard to see how the White House is going to get to buy Big Shitpile when the ranking Republican on the Banking Committee says that the plan sucks. At any event, I did something I have never done before, and actually contacted the Senator’s office to thank him for doing this. I mean, I’m not going to vote for him or anything, but then it’s not like anyone’s going to run against him.

The governor changes his mind!

Update: Gas prices surge; governor says he can’t declare emergency – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Gov. Riley declares state of emergency over possible fuel shortages – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Whee! Those stories were posted 26 minutes apart. Yeah, I think there’s a real shortage. Gas stations are putting up the “please limit your purchase to ten gallons” signs here in Tuscaloosa. Of course, there’s a game on this weekend and that might be for the benefit of the RV People.

I was wondering about that

Lowe’s irked by mayor’s billboards | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

The current mayor of Northport — whose name, I see, is “Harvey Fretwell” — has these billboards up trumpeting getting a Lowe’s store in the city. It basically looks like an endorsement, a big picture of a guy who I guess is Fretwell (I honestly pay no attention to Northport politics even though I live there) standing in front of the store with the sign very prominent. Lowe’s is apparently none too happy about this and Corporate has asked him to take the boards down. He says he will. After the election.

I was actually thinking of calling Lowe’s myself and asking about this, because it seemed really weird. But now I guess I don’t have to.

Jeff Sessions is a bigot

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions opposes expansion of global AIDS program-

He says because of the $10 billion a year (for five years) price tag, which is absurd on the face of it. What’s $10 billion to the federal government? The real reason is that he hates gays. (Ironically, Troy King is a protege.) He objects to the lifting of the ban on HIV-positive people immigrating to the US. Who else has rules like this? Just thirteen countries, including fine global citizens like Iraq, Libya, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Our peers!

The Troll’s Den

I was in a different courthouse than Scrushy yesterday, so I had to settle for getting a picture of Jeff Sessions’ Birmingham office. It’s probably not very clear, but there is cracked paint next to the Senate seal. Also, Shelby has a worse office with no seal, but I have been told that his real office is in Tuscaloosa.

Car stopping place

Shelby plays earmark game, and Tuscaloosa benefits |

Richard Shelby will ultimately give over $10 million in federal money to build a parking deck in downtown Tuscaloosa. But it’s not just a parking deck!

‘It’s more than just a parking deck. It’s an intermodal facility,’ said Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox.

So, everyone, don’t worry, your tax dollars aren’t being used on a parking deck, but on an intermodal facility.