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That’s great!

Coral snake found in wilds of central Alabama – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Hooray, a poisonous snake that hasn’t been found here for 40 years is back! And the standard antivenins won’t work on its bite!

Crocodile humiliation newest fad

Nerd!Get lost! State hopes to thwart crocodiles’ homing instinct with magnets : State News : TCPalm

So they say the idea is to mess up the crocs’ homing system. But really, what they’re trying to do is humiliate them so they’re too embarrassed to show their faces.

Larry King, you’ve done it again!

110-year-old ‘living fossil’ becomes a dad –

That movie was last year

Passenger to pay $800 fine for snakes on plane |


Dry spell has critters creeping into homes-

Rats, mice, and bugs are moving into homes in search of water and food, thanks to the drought. But that’s not all. One person tells of a water moccasin trying to enter his home. When poisonous water snakes are moving in, it’s unusually dry.

2 men accused of selling venomous snakes on Net-

Mostly rattlers. I would think that shipping would be a problem. You think they had online tracking?

Catapult Boy, no!

Catapult boy is eaten after taunting crocodile in pen-News-World-Asia-China-TimesOnline

A word of advice: Don’t taunt crocodiles. They’re mean. Alligators are warm and fuzzy in comparison. Well, not exactly warm and fuzzy, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, this kid, in southern China, was one of several children who decided it would be a good idea to abuse some crocodiles, beating them with sticks and shooting at them with a catapult. This is a very bad idea, though it led to this great line:

Investigators searched for the missing boy and decided to check inside the crocodiles.

H/T: Meryl.