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Guess what!

Statement by Lee Crockett, Executive Director of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, on the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy

If you kill a fish species (or anything) faster than it can reproduce, and also destroy its habitat, you’ll wind up endangering the species. Amazingly, even the Bush Administration now recognizes this. (Though I don’t know if they asked Gail the Nature Hater about it.) The U.S. Ocean Commission has recommended that oil and gas royalties be used to set up a federal oceans trust fund.

(Great big PDF report here.)

MTV fishkillers sentenced

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY / Pair who killed Goldie sentenced to service / Court showed tape of culprits with koi

The two frat boys who — at the instigation of the ever public-spirited folks at MTV — stole, bludgeoned, and then ate a “beloved” koi from a pond at UC Santa Cruz have been sentenced to community service. (200 hours for one, 300 for the other.) The hours are to be served at “either the county animal shelter or Long Marine Laboratory and at an institute for raising ornamental koi.” Plus, they have to attend AA. Fratboys with substance abuse problems? Amazing.

Defense attorneys argued that there was nothing particularly wrong with their behavior because people catch fish in the ocean all the time. Which is just like stealing someone’s ornamental koi and bludgeoning it to death.

Born to eat wild

Weston restaurant owner charged with buying wild meat

The owner of the “Pacific Island” restaurant purchased wild ducks, white-tailed deer, bear and snook from undercover agents of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. I don’t know what “snook” are but I’m guessing it’s a fish which would mean that this goes in all three “pundit” categories.

The defendant says that he didn’t feed any of this to his patrons, and that it was only used to feed his employees. Uh-huh.

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PharmaLive: Phylonix Granted U.S. Patent for High Throughput Drug Screening Using Zebrafish

I’m not entirely sure what this means, actually. Apparently, the fish would be used as a medium for drug screening, replacing mice. I didn’t know you needed animals for drug screening.

Zebrafish are also the basis for the GM “Glofish”, raising the possibility that one day you’ll be able to have drug tests where if you’re positive the fish will actually change color depending upon the drug. (“Purple… That means you’re on Ecstasy!”)

(Via the Linkmeister.)

Fishy milk – Cows eat herring for new milk – Apr 14, 2004

Oh, those wacky Canadians! Some Ontario dairy farmers are feeding herring to their cows to get an added omega-3 fatty acid in the milk. I don’t know how practical this is…

Those genteel Brits

ic SurreyOnline – Anti-social anglers cause removal of fish

A pond in a residential area of Surrey had become a fishing spot, but the fishermen were making a nuisance of themselves:

Problems included noise, litter, urinating in public and generally being a nuisance.

Since local bylaws stated that fishing could not be made illegal, the fish themselves had to be removed to get rid of the fishing nuisance. The fish are alive and in quarantine, awaiting relocation to somewhere where either the fishermen are more polite or at least can’t be seen and heard doing their business.

Introducing no-trawl zones

Ban on trawling pondered

In an attempt to preserve Mobile Bay, an agreement is being worked on that — should it succeed — ban large areas of the Bay to shrimp trawlers. Apparently (I didn’t know this but could have guessed) trawling does for sea bottom what clear-cutting does for forests.

Shrimpers, of course, don’t want any no-trawl zones. Conservationists and recreational fishermen want lots. Interestingly, it’s small-boat captains who are opposed to the closure. Large boats can’t get into the shallow areas of the Bay they’re talking about closing, and anyway if the ban went into effect they’d get larger shrimp. (The young shrimp live in the shallows, then move into the outer reaches when they grow up.)

Resurrection Month continues

Off the Kuff: Undead lobsters!

Charles offered this up to me, but it was during the changeover… Frozen lobsters have, sometimes, been known to come back to life when thawed. It’s not that surprising. Insects can be flash-frozen and revive apparently none the worse for wear, and arthropods are arthropods. Still, maybe this can be marketed!

Next up: recipes! – ‘Consumer-friendly’ fish list issued – Mar 21, 2004

The Federal government has issued a list of fish that we should eat and fish that some people shouldn’t eat because it’s high in mercury. Gosh, doesn’t the Federal government have the authority to keep fish from being sold if it’s poisonous?

Anyway, the fish known to be low in mercury are: shrimp (a crustacean, not a fish, but who’s counting?) canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish.

What a splendid idea

AP Interview: Seafood leader wants change for fisheries

The head of the American Seafood Distributors Association wants the Agriculture Department to take over regulating the seafood industry, replacing the Commerce Department, because fishermen don’t get the same treatment as farmers. Wouldn’t that be great? The government could pay people to not fish! Certain types of seafood could cost ten times more, guaranteed by massive tariffs! Presidential candidates would be forced to suck up to fishermen!