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Actually, they may help the taste

ScienceDaily News Release: Fish Oil Supplements May Contain Flame Retardants

In our continuing series, “Odd things you eat when you eat fish”, it turns out that many dietary supplements containing cod liver oil also contain flame retardants (PCBs and PBDEs) which the fish had previously consumed. Seemingly, everything that gets in the environment — from mercury to excreted antidepressants — winds up in fish, then people eat the fish, and then…

I know they’re mammals – Florida dolphin deaths reach 38, feds investigate – Mar 17, 2004

I knew about this story this weekend but neglected to post until now. The beaches in question are on the Gulf coast of northern Florida. It appears that a red tide (an algal bloom) is responsible for the dolphin deaths, as well as dead redfish and horseshoe crabs. So it’s probably not our fault this time.

Attack carp update

Great flying carp! Fish a threat to boaters, skiers

How do you save yourself from leaping attack carp? Some fishermen on the Ohio and MIssissippi have taken to using garbage can lids as shields. Others use garden chairs…

One fisherman says that he’s had as many as 15 or 20 silver carp jump into his boat, and that one fisherman of his aquaintance was out for two weeks after getting hit in the chest by a 40-pounder while going 20 MPH. I expect it wasn’t any treat for the fish, either. And a biologist with the US Geological Survey says that water skiers are risking their lives when skiing in waters infested by silver carp. “It only takes one of these fish to take you out, and it could kill you.” You might not even see the fish with your name on it.

(Via Janis.)

Black & white issue

Study: Zebra Mussels Promote Algae Growth

Turns out that not only do zebra mussels grow everywhere and get in the way and outcompete native lifeforms, they also promote the growth of blue-green algae blooms that produce toxins. (Or rather, they eat other algae and leave the toxin-producing algae alone, so soon enough there’s lots of toxin-producing algae and not much of everything else.) There’s really no upside to these things.

Now with added fish oil!

Fish Oil to Fortify Texas Lunch Fare

Some schools in southern Texas are adding fish oils containing omega-3 fatty acids to some of their offerings. (Like “breakfast tacos with bacon and nacho cheese”. For breakfast?) Nutritionists, predictably, are upset because they aren’t making the kiddies eat things they don’t like instead.

Look out! She’s got a fish!

Woman With Fish Arrested at London Airport

A Gambian woman, Nenneh Nyana Jaiteh, was arrested at Gatwick airport carrying 186 pounds of fish and meat (breakdown: 172.7 pounds of fish, 13.2 pounds of other meat, mostly goat but including snails) in her luggage. I knew English cooking was bad, but do you really need to bring your own?

This would make an excellent spam letter parody if I had the time and inclination right now. Any takers?

Those little knives are dangerous

Oystering accident kills man

Actually, it was a boating accident on the way to oystering. (Whose last name, ironically, was “Seaman”.) I don’t think oystering itself ever kills anybody.

Prince of Wales Fish

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Charles warns on vanishing fish

Prince Charles — who is more influential than I, I guess, but no more powerful — has come out against overfishing. He suggests, among other things, the dreaded market solutions to the problem.

Save the goldfish | Broadcast | German TV causes fishy fracas

The producers of the German I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! are under investigation for the deaths of several goldfish which were crushed by the head of a teenage pop singer.

Florida’s tax dollars at work

AP Wire | 03/02/2004 | Backers of ‘GloFish’ postpone try for California approval

Something I hadn’t realized… One of the backers of the genetically modified bioluminescent “glofish” is the Florida Department of Agriculture. Why?

It’s hard to see how glofish could really be a danger to native fish stocks. The modifications seem likely to make the fish less able to compete. I tend to think that the real reason for California’s ban is that they think GM is icky.