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It’s like I don’t know you anymore!

Attorney General Troy King following court’s ruling and handing bingo over to the governor |

Just because the state supreme court says he’s supposed to! What kind of attorney general just follows the stupid law like that?

King says he’s disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling because it reversed past decisions by the court. He says the state constitution requires that he abide by the court’s decision and he will.

Man, Troy has been so reasonable lately. It’s a comfort that his TV ads remain absolutely insane, like the one where he strongly suggests that Luther Strange is a terrorist sympathiser. (Unfortunately, I can’t find it online.)

Man, this is bad


There are people who are worse off than me. One of them is Gary Farber. If you can give him a hand, please do.

I got tired of the previous theme but Francoeur is still a big whiny baby game thread: July 25, Braves at Phillies

I just wish we had played the Phillies sooner, so that when they swept us again the front office would finally get the point.

Cast your ballot for BIGOTRY!

Cast your ballot for McCain | | Gadsden Times | Gadsden, AL

The shadowy world of right-wing smears comes out into the light with a letter actually published by the Gadsden Times. So, either the Times believes this crap, or they think that it’s worth publishing this crap to smear Obama, or they’re so deluded in their belief in “balance” that they’re willing to take the “Some say this, some say that” route for things that are demonstrably untrue as well as offensive.

(H/T: Davy)


Birmingham police wreck two cars during chase but capture suspect – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

I wish we had some of those TV traffic helicopters like they have in LA, because this would have been fun to watch.

A man, who was involved in an dispute earlier, was returning to the scene of the dispute with a gun when residents flagged down a passing officer, said Mitchell. The officer attempted to stop the man, who sped away in an older model Thunderbird.

Officers from East, North and West precincts eventually joined in the chase, which wound through Woodlawn, Avondale, downtown, and portions of north Birmingham. The chase ended when the fleeing man wrecked his car on Bankhead Highway near Finley Boulevard.

The suspect suffered a minor injury and was taken into custody. He faces numerous charges, Mitchell said.

I’ll say. Plus two wrecked cop cars.

Well, except from the rats

EPA aims to keep rat poison from children, animals –

The following is a guest post by my upstairs neighbor

“Hi! I’m an antisocial asshole who thinks it’s a good idea to take up hammering at 7:30 in the morning! Thanks for listening!”

I think real life is actually turning into a horror movie – Australian Hospital Forced to Close After It Is Overrun by Poisonous Spiders – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

I’m not sure why Australia is in the Middle East suddenly, though it is hot and dry. Anyway, it’s also overrun by poisonous spiders generally, this hospital in particular. “Three or four” patients will have to be moved while the hospital is fumigated, so either the hospital is tiny and has poor record keeping, or they think that most of the patients will be just fine with the poisonous spiders and poisonous gases.

(Hat tip: Meryl.)

Actually, that sounds pretty good

I just got an email from the Christian Coalition of Alabama entitled “Wiregrass and Houston counties will be like Las Vegas”. I’m not sure why that would be a problem — I’ve been to that part of the state, and it could only be an improvement — but what really gets me is why the CCA is emailing me, not in my capacity as a blogger (to my public email address) but as a librarian (here at the school). How did I get on this mailing list?

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This too, will suck

Berg Confirmed For New Dune

Peter Berg’s great; however, so is David Lynch (in a completely different way) and his Dune sucked. As did the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries. I’m not a big Dune guy, but I recognize that the book has its merits: being adaptable into a comprehendable film is not one on them.