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Bus carrying University of Albama band members hits car in Atlanta | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

After the lawsuit, the band will have to change its name to the $600,000 Band.

Really, it’s sponsored by the website


If I could come up with $1.2 million, I could sponsor a bowl. Maybe I could start a fundraising campaign.

It was just here a minute ago…

Clergyman says church has vanished – Yahoo! News

John McCain has Many houses

You see, in primitive cultures, there is no numeral higher than three. They just count, “One, Two, Three, Many”. As you know, John McCain is really, really, terribly old. When he was born, these were the only numbers available for him to learn. So he knows he has “Many” houses, but it’s difficult for him to grasp the exact number.

Oh, no! Golem with a hand grenade!

Clay man charged with threatening Clay zoning officials with hand grenade – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Fun with the humor-impaired

Oh, sure « Thomason Tracts

Some people, through no fault of their own, are unable to tell when someone is making a joke, no matter how obvious it is. One of these unfortunates is known only as “Bob”. He is one of the worst cases, the humor-impaired (™Dave Barry) individual who thinks he’s funny.

(To be fair to “Bob”, I just added the “Posts Where I Am Obviously Joking” tag to the post — this was a pre-tags Blogger post originally.)

All Miss Alabamas are required to prove that they have shaved their underarms

New Miss Alabama Amanda Tapley eager to give back-

See, clean!