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Early Returns!

June 1 Primary Election Results – WSFA 12 News Montgomery, AL |.

Early returns! Five percent in, and St. Roy is in fourth place. Right now, the GOP runoff would be Byrne vs. Bentley, but I still expect Tim James to catch Bentley. Sparks has a big early lead on Davis; in a low-turnout election, the machine help that Sparks had could be determinitive. Luther Strange up early on “Troy King”. And Twinkle! is leading in her PSC race, and could avoid a runoff. Only really bad news is that Dale Peterson is out of the runoff for the GOP Ag Commissioner spot, but it’s early. I know he’s got one more great ad in him.

That’s our Roy!

Alabama Gov. Candidate Attacked for Belief in Evolution – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

So, of course, Bradley Byrne begins the race to the bottom by saying that of course he doesn’t believe in the foundation of modern biology. Then St. Roy will attack him for any suggestion that the Earth is more than 6,014 years old. Then Tim James will say that he believes God actually physically sculpted Adam out of clay.

St. Roy of the Teabags

Trussville Tax Day Tea Party draws about 350 people |

Yes, St. Roy himself addressed the local teabaggers. A real meeting of the minds, there. Whoever the speaker is, the teabag brigade gets to hear rhetoric that is almost, but not quite, calling for the violent overthrow of the elected government of the United States of America, and Roy did not disappoint, breaking out the Thomas Paine and the Patrick Henry and comparing the present environment to the American Revolution. Because, well, he’s an idiot and so are the teabaggers.

Roy not winning, whatever he says

Public Policy Polling: Byrne, Moore lead the way for Republicans.

Of course, he’s still in second, and right there in runoff position.

The fact that Moore is the most well known and liked of the GOP candidates but still trails is a sign that many voters like him but don’t necessarily think Governor is the position he’s best suited for.

Also, it’s evidence that many Alabama Republicans are loons.

“I’m winning, but it’s a secret.”

Former Chief Justice Roy Moore says he leads Republican gubernatorial polls |

"We found out that ALFA did a poll where I am leading 42 percent," Moore said. "Byrne got 17 percent and James got 15 percent."

And now, the paranoia sets in:

Moore said those results weren’t released publicly, “but no one wants to acknowledge that I’m leading.”

That’s our Roy!

Secession Day event held at Roy Moore’s foundation – NewsFlash –

St. Roy, presumably, didn’t know about the celebration, or the invite to Leagueof the South members. I would say that the real problem is that he creates organizations that do this sort of thing. Plausible deniability doesn’t really work when you create the system.

“Actor” endorses “Judge” for “Governor”

Actor Chuck Norris Endorses Judge Roy Moore For Governor – WHNT

The terrible thing is that this might actually move a few votes. I don’t have a whole lot of respect for the Republican primary electorate, if you couldn’t tell.

He’s back!

Roy Moore makes it official, he’s running for Alabama governor – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Well, this should be amusing. Don’t count him out. It’s looking like a crowded primary on the Republican side, and he could very easily finish first in a four- or five-way race with a core of 35 percent of the GOP made up of crazies. He’d have to win the runoff, but weird things happen in runoffs, and it would be about getting out the vote.

You know you’re crazy…

Roy Moore distances himself from backer who says schools indoctrinating with Islam and communism –

When Roy Moore has to distance himself from you.

He’s baaaaaaack!

Former chief justice likely to run for governor | | Montgomery Advertiser

Yes, St. Roy is leaning towards running for governor. Having failed last time to get enough religious fanatics to vote for him, he’s now targeting the black helicopter brigades:

Moore said he hasn’t decided on a theme if he runs, but he said he’s thinking along the lines of: “It’s time to stand up for Alabama. We have serious threats from Washington, D.C. — serious threats on our rights and liberties.”

My guess is that St. Roy’s strategy won’t work in Alabama. In a lot of states, where the GOP is on the wane, the nuts are the core of the party. In Alabama, the GOP is the majority party, at least in statewide elections, and while you have to be pretty hardline you usually have to pretend to be sane.