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He’s back!

Roy Moore makes it official, he’s running for Alabama governor – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Well, this should be amusing. Don’t count him out. It’s looking like a crowded primary on the Republican side, and he could very easily finish first in a four- or five-way race with a core of 35 percent of the GOP made up of crazies. He’d have to win the runoff, but weird things happen in runoffs, and it would be about getting out the vote.


You know you’re crazy…

Roy Moore distances himself from backer who says schools indoctrinating with Islam and communism –

When Roy Moore has to distance himself from you.

He’s baaaaaaack!

Former chief justice likely to run for governor | | Montgomery Advertiser

Yes, St. Roy is leaning towards running for governor. Having failed last time to get enough religious fanatics to vote for him, he’s now targeting the black helicopter brigades:

Moore said he hasn’t decided on a theme if he runs, but he said he’s thinking along the lines of: “It’s time to stand up for Alabama. We have serious threats from Washington, D.C. — serious threats on our rights and liberties.”

My guess is that St. Roy’s strategy won’t work in Alabama. In a lot of states, where the GOP is on the wane, the nuts are the core of the party. In Alabama, the GOP is the majority party, at least in statewide elections, and while you have to be pretty hardline you usually have to pretend to be sane.

He doesn’t deny it

Gay pride advocacy group sues Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford, claiming faith-based bias –

I don’t know that they really have any sort of case — where’s the damage? — but Langford isn’t denying faith-based bias. At all:

“The bottom line is I don’t condone the lifestyle and what they were asking me to do in my official capacity as mayor was to issue a proclamation which in essence endorsed the gay lifestyle,” Langford said. “If I had issued such a proclamation, I would in essence be saying that God’s position is wrong and I wouldn’t dare take a position against God. So as opposed to suing me, they need to be suing God, and the last time I checked, he can defend himself. End of story.”

That is so insane and megalomaniacal that it reminds me of nothing so much as Roy Moore. Who has got to get involved in his role as defender of faith-based bias. A St. Roy/Crazy Larry teamup would make my year.

And what’s Roy doing?

STLtoday – Court briefs debate Mo.’s school Bible case

Apparently, handing out Bibles to public school students in Missouri. I wonder what he’d think if CAIR went around handing out Korans. Well, no, I don’t, because I know what he thinks.

St. Roy lives!

‘Ten Commandments Judge’ defends Texas jury’s use of Bible (

It’s been awhile, I know, but what’s Roy Moore up to? Oh, right, generally acting like an idiot without even cursory knowledge of the history of Anglo-American jurisprudence or the United States Constitution.

Oliver’s attorney claims the death sentence should be overturned because several jury members brought Bibles and consulted scripture in the deliberation room. But attorneys with the Foundation for Moral Law — headed by Judge Moore — have argued in a brief that the jury’s consultation of Bible passages did not taint the jury in violation of the Sixth Amendment.

So, normal. I wonder what he would have thought if the jurors had consulted, say, John 8:1-11. Or Matthew 5:38-40.

Matthew 22:15-22 is, of course, right out.

Roy 2008!

Will Giuliani Face A Roy Moore Challenge? – Horserace

Because what you want to build your third-party campaign around is a guy who can’t even win the Republican nomination for governor.