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The single dumbest thing I have read in a while.

I’ve been Tweeting about the ESPN book, but this is so astounding I felt I had to quote it in full. I’m not quite done with the book, but it has to be the single dumbest thing in it, one of the dumbest things I have ever read. I give you Keith Clinkscales, Senior VP for “Content Development”, whatever the hell that is, quoted verbatim with my annotations:

I do not believe Stuart Scott was the first African American on ESPN[1], but he certainly was influential because on SportsCenter, early on, he used hip-hop vernacular; he said things on the air that I knew when I heard them that the white producers who had approved it didn’t know what he was talking about[2]. So it was like our own little codified thing. It was almost like, “If he’s cool enough to say that on the air, and no one’s stopping him, then this network is cool enough to watch[3].”

I don’t want to commit hyperbole here[4], but Stuart’s delivery on SportsCenter — his willingness to stick with it despite getting complaints[5], and the producers letting him stick with it — is one of the great cultural moments that African American culture has ever had[6]. It made us relevant in sports[7].

[1]Seriously? This is a VP and he’s apparently only vaguely aware of John Saunders, Robin Roberts, and Mike Tirico, not to mention the numerous commentators.
[2]Not Clinkscales’ fault, but that’s all one sentence.
[3]No African-Americans watched ESPN before Stuart Scott authorized it, apparently.
[4]Too late.
[5]The words “minstrel show” come to mind; consult Jason Whitlock for more.
[6]Seriously, he said that.
[7]Seriously, STUART SCOTT made African-Americans relevant in sports. Step aside, Joe Louis! Get out of here, Jackie Robinson! Eat it, Jesse Owens! You’ve been supplanted, Muhammad Ali, STUART SCOTT is in the house!

At about 9:15…

There is a line of dialogue so spectacular that they should get an award for it. I’m thinking the first ever Nobel for insanely wonderful dialogue. It’s really something special.

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Here’s how I think that went

Joyce DeWitt Arrested on Suspicion of DUI at The Insider

COP: Ma’am, would you step out of the car, please.

JOYCE DEWITT: Do you know who I am?!?!?

COP: No, who are you? Are you somebody?

Yeah, that’s weird

“You know something Whoopi? It would be a blast if Michael asked me to dance”: The Michael Jackson video that time forgot | Music | A.V. Club

I was watching one of the Michael Jackson marathons last weekend, and this video popped up. It disturbed me, because I had no recollection of it, and my recall of mid-to-late eighties music videos is awfully detailed at times. (I have many talents.) So, I guess the reason is that it was never released as a single in the US. Seems a lot of effort to go through just for foreigners.

So… many… David Caruso jokes…

Fairhope picks retired CSI Miami captain for new police chief – Breaking News from the Press-Register –

The Republicans will go nuts if this happens

PBS Stations Weigh Loss of Affiliation Over Religious Content –

But I don’t believe for a second that it will.

Ram it, clown

George Bush wants TV farewell – Entertainment News, Business News, Media – Variety

Why the networks would let Bozo the Pseudo-President interrupt their programming is beyond me. Well, Fox I get.