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ABC 33/40 News – Alabama’s News Leader

ABC 33/40 News – Alabama’s News Leader

Apparently, I just got a pingback spam from NBC 13. If it wasn’t them, it was a very odd spamming what with the NBC 13 web address and email and the Media General Inc. IP address. I’m wondering if I should email someone about this.

Nice wig, Georgie Boy

Jason Alexander has a criminal mind – Los Angeles Times

Either that, or he’s the lead in The Sir Isaac Newton Story.

Anderson Cooper needs to get his science fiction series straight

He just said that CNN’s (ridiculous) holographic projections of people not in the studio looked like when in Star Trek they would beam down. This is completely ridiculous. It looks like in Star Wars when they’d have a hologram. I think Josh Marshall earlier tonight made the “Help me, Obi-Wan Blitzer” joke but it came immediately to mind for me too.

Proud as a castrated peacock!

I have been watching the Olympic opening ceremonies — I don’t know why — and am disturbed by the transformation of a major American television network into a propaganda arm of the Chinese government. I particularly enjoyed when the Olympics were described as “the most important event in modern Chinese history”. Not the Second World War (which lasted longer in China than anywhere else) or the Chinese Civil War or the Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution or Tienanmen Square, but the fucking Olympics. Maybe “modern China” only starts in 1990.

Great, now the mayor will keep dropping by police headquarters

Birmingham mayor signs up with A&E TV for detectives to be on reality show ‘The First 48’ – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

You know what really would work on TV? If the police HQ was in a pentagon. I’m just saying.

Merry Christmas, everyone

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone