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Does they?

Insurers helps make Jeffco bond payment –

Nice tense agreement there, News.

Hooray for the News!

60 years ago, Humphrey’s words gave birth to Alabama Republicanism –

The Birmingham News just comes out and says that the Alabama Republican Party owes its existence to blatant racism.


Showers and thunderstorms possible this afternoon – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Thanks for that, guys. Really.

I knew Leonardo was a genius

But who knew he invented a time machine?


(H/t: Becky)

Larry hates the newspaper

Mayor, councilman spar over city’s newspaper advertising-

BMLL wants to pull the city’s publishing of legal notices nobody reads from the Birmingham News and is going to ask “Troy King” if he can do this. He probably can’t, because the ads have to be in a general circulation newspaper and the News is the only one.

Langford says that he hates the News but that this has nothing to do with why he wants to pull the ads. Right.

Note that this is all from a story in the News so it’s not exactly unbiased.

Eh, he just wants to meet Oprah

Birmingham mayor Larry Langford wants Oprah Winfrey to attend giveaway of laptop computers to students-

So, Larry worked out this deal to get laptops for students from a program that’s originally designed to help children in the Third World. I’m not saying it’s the worst symbolism I’ve ever seen, but it’s up there. Anyway, he’s trying to get Oprah to come down to preside over the giveaway, which will now only make the kids disappointed that they aren’t all getting cars.

Have you noticed how often the phrase “Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford” appears in these headlines? It’s like they can’t quite believe it.

Well, yeah

Study to gather info for the next trip to the moon-

First line:

“Oxygen, water and rocket fuel will be vital for astronauts manning an outpost on the moon.”

Actually, oxygen and water are pretty much vital for everyone everywhere.