Says it all, really

Black candidate says no to black Alabama groups |

Artur Davis is now officially betting that he can win the Democratic nomination for Governor on the strength of the votes of white Republicans. Good luck with that one, Artie.

Health update

Earlier this week I was in Indianapolis. This had nothing to do with basketball — actually, the basketball caused some problems getting a hotel room — but was about my health. Basically, I was there to see the guy who’s the top expert in the type of cancer I had.

I went up there thinking I was going to get some pretty drastic medical treatment — the sort of thing that will probably cure you but make you wish you were dead. As it turned out, the doctor had other ideas. He took a look at my tests and decided that I didn’t have any active cancer, basically that I was giving false positives. (There’s no doubt that I had cancer last year — only that what looked like remnant cancer was just scar tissue and some unusual readings in the blood work.)

We don’t know that’s it’s gone. It’s just the doctor’s opinion, but he is the top man in the field. And it fits with the way my treatments were going, which had baffled my doctors here in Alabama. (Who are very good themselves.) We’re going to keep an eye on it and if there are changes it likely means that the cancer is back. But right now, everything looks good.

This week in unfortunate phrasing

UAH President Williams: ‘We’re being reborn’ |

“We have survived our winter of discontent,” Williams said.

Well, most of you have.

Because he’s 64

Ex-Birmingham mayor Larry Langford tells UA student newspaper he expects to die in prison |

And thinks 15 years is a life sentence — though he most certainly won’t serve that long. I was thinking he was expecting to get shanked.

Sewer bonds = Rock & Roll!

Rolling Stone article examines Jefferson County financial crisis |

But is it far enough?

Larry Langford’s prison assignment about 500 miles from Birmingham |

They’re sending him to Ashland, Kentucky. That’s just about as isolated as you can be in the eastern US. Of course, we’re dealing with a thoroughly dangerous man here… Actually, it’s minimum security.

Roy not winning, whatever he says

Public Policy Polling: Byrne, Moore lead the way for Republicans.

Of course, he’s still in second, and right there in runoff position.

The fact that Moore is the most well known and liked of the GOP candidates but still trails is a sign that many voters like him but don’t necessarily think Governor is the position he’s best suited for.

Also, it’s evidence that many Alabama Republicans are loons.

More or less true

Lawsuit claims former owners stripped Bruno’s of $290 million |

But extremely difficult to prove, or if is proven, to actually win a case on. Essentially, Lone Star Funds stripped Bruno’s of cash, as said above, and then sent it into bankruptcy. This ended a cycle of repeated leveraged buyouts that turned a once-thriving regional chain into a shell of its former self. But don’t take my word for it:

Regional grocers have been frequent targets for leveraged buyouts, with Bruno’s itself being bought that way once before. (The first purchase, by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., also led to bankruptcy.)

Observers of the industry say that even though supermarkets have razor-thin profit margins, they’re attractive because they take in so much cash.

“There’s a cash flow, and some of the expenses you can control and reduce quite a bit,” said David Livingston, a supermarket consultant based in Pewaukee, Wis.

The savings usually goes to pay down debt and into the pockets of the buyout firm, said Page, the Indiana professor.

But reducing expenses usually means fewer employees and less investment in stores, which tends to turn off customers. “I can’t ever say that the situation got better at the store level,” Livingston said.

Trust me — in Bruno’s case, nothing got better.

“I’m winning, but it’s a secret.”

Former Chief Justice Roy Moore says he leads Republican gubernatorial polls |

"We found out that ALFA did a poll where I am leading 42 percent," Moore said. "Byrne got 17 percent and James got 15 percent."

And now, the paranoia sets in:

Moore said those results weren’t released publicly, “but no one wants to acknowledge that I’m leading.”

But fish don’t have feet!

Court takes up ban on fish pedicures –

It’s been a while since I had a good fish post… Anyway, the fish are performing the pedicures, not getting them. The fish eat dead skin from people’s feet. The practice is banned by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology — a notorious band of nanny-state zealots — apparently because it’s gross, or as they say “unhealthy”. I could see how it would be bad for the fish