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I have my limits

One of them is that I won’t deal with Ron Paul people. This is a little-bitty website and maybe it’s little-bitty of me, but I can’t take them. Anyway, I just deleted rather than approve a comment from a Ron Paul person about how there are “more important things” than dealing with climate change. There are no more important things. The very existence of civilization is threatened by climate change. These nutjobs are unable to believe this because, well, they’re nutjobs, but it’s true.

Oh no, snow!

‘Classic setup’ to bring snow early Saturday – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

This, of course, conclusively proves that there is no such thing as global warming.

Bettye Fine Collins using taxpayer money to support right-wing shills

Jefferson County Commission votes to give Eagle Forum of Alabama money to host forum- al.com

Is this even legal? I mean, giving money to those paleoconservative hacks to say that Mexicans are evil and that There’s No Such Thing As Global Warming™? You can do that?

And the year of desert conditions continues

Birmingham, Alabama, sets record high temperature Monday; another record may fall Tuesday- al.com

I like it when it’s cold. This is no fun. I actually had to run my air conditioner a couple of nights ago. Luckily, There’s No Such Thing As Global Warming, or it’d really be hot.

It’s likely to finish as the dryest year on record, breaking a mark set in 1895.

Look on the bright side

Greenland’s ice sheet melts as temperatures rise – CNN.com

If the coasts flood, maybe it’ll put out some of these fires. Everyone enjoying the End Times so far?

More hurricanes! More!

Humberto brings rain, but not end to drought- al.com

Three inches of rain from Humberto helps, but it’s not enough. We need more. Come on, Ingrid!

Or it might never end

Drought in state might go to spring- al.com

This could be our climate from now on. Who knows? Maybe I should buy a cactus. Anyway, the weathermen are expecting a La Nina year, which would mean a dry winter.

Drought contributing to toilet shortage

Drought may have led to park sinkhole – al.com

A sinkhole in an Alabaster park has eaten the park’s restrooms. I guess that will happen. I am not actually looking for toilet stories, they just keep popping up, so to speak.

Rain fall from sky. Air go boom.

It’s actually raining! A lot! And I didn’t pray or anything, unless you count “God, this heat is killing me.”

Saletan will be thrilled

3 heat-related deaths reported in Alabama – Breaking News from The Huntsville Times – al.com

That’s three confirmed; there may be more. 139 people have been treated for heat-related symptoms at Alabama hospitals. So far.