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Makes it sound like he needs eye surgery

Streetcar bids are in; Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford makes final push to save vision- al.com

Brain surgery, maybe. He’s still pushing for his streetcars, which are cool. As Councilwoman Carol Duncan points out, the important part of the transit budget is for bus replacement, and that survived, but buses are not cool; they merely work.

BMLL to hold his breath until he turns blue

Birmingham City Council set to vote on budget- al.com

Crazy Larry now says that he won’t implement any new programs funded with money “taken” from his pet scholarship and streetcar projects. Now, money is fungible, so you can’t really say what money was “taken” from those programs. Moreover, it’s a positively Bushian move to refuse to do what the legislative body has approved.

He thinks they’re great!

Mayor won’t ban Tasers- al.com

The problem with tasers is that because they are supposedly nonlethal, nobody hesitates to use them. And use them and use them. And sometimes, people die because the cops used a taser on them. That’s not to say that they’re not safer than other methods, and it’s not to say that they are.

Oh, I beg to differ

Langford says Birmingham Olympic bid no joke – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

It’s not only a joke, Larry — it’s a terrific joke. Don’t be modest.

The application fee is $500,000, by the way. Yeah, that’s a great idea.

Let me count the ways

Olympic Games in Birmingham? Mayor says, Why not? – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

1. Even if all the various projects — the Birmingdome, the Fair Park Yuppie Center, etc. — were built, there would not be nearly enough major facilities in town to hold the Olympics.

2. The Olympics are fearfully expensive and have driven larger cities than Birmingham to bankruptcy. There is not enough of a population base to support the Olympics.

3. It is quite likely that Chicago will win the 2016 bid, which means that North America is out for 2020.

4. There is a bias towards big cities — because of points one and two.

5. You are completely and utterly insane.

Stronger… Faster… Crazier

Birmingham, Alabama, mayor wants Olympics in 2020- al.com

There are no words.


Mayor proposes moving Birmingham International Raceway from Fair Park, providing $1 million to help build new track – al.com

Okay, so BMLL thinks that the old racetrack doesn’t fit in with his new ideas for the fairgrounds. Also nobody’s kept the place up and it hasn’t been paved since 1972. So he wants to get rid of it and build a new track (I mean, they aren’t going to pack up the old one and move it across town) in the Pratt City/Forestdale area on the northwest side of town. I don’t have any real objections to the idea, though I don’t know that we really need a racetrack and I wonder about the viability of low-level racing in a $4/gallon gas world.