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“If Democrats refinanced, then it must be bad.”

Jefferson County officials were warned of bond crisis- al.com

Last year, investment firms from both Birmingham and New York told the commission that their sewer bonds were in trouble. The commission didn’t do anything for essentially partisan and ideological reasons:

Carns said the Republican-majority commission – which pledged “No Dome, No Debt, No Democrat” during the election campaign – wasn’t looking to refinance the county’s sewer debt.

“We would not have come in and refinanced debt. Not with what had gone on in the last four years,” Carns said. “They refinanced, refinanced, refinanced. What would people have done to us if we came in and refinanced the debt?”

Yes, that’s an excellent reason to drive the county towards bankruptcy. Smooth move, commissioner.

Damn, he’s bad

The problem for John McCain is, basically, that he’s turning into Bob Dole. Now, the American people kind of like Bob Dole — heck, I kind of like him — but they don’t want him to be president.

The weird pauses and awkward grinning and the grumpy-old-manism are just the beginning. The real problem is that like Dole in ’96 he’s been willing to give up so much of what he actually believes, the things that make him him, to satisfy the Republican base. What’s more, he seems to be buying into the Republican groupthink that these ideas (more war! more tax cuts for the rich! torture!) are what people really want. It’s a different set of ideas, other than the brain-dead supply-sidism, but they’re not ideas anyone outside the Republican dead-enders is interested in.

Seriously, he did

Riley asks churches to aid newly released inmates- al.com

Leaders from churches and charitable groups were asked to provide a wide range of services to former inmates, including employment assistance, housing, clothing, health care and cash.

I mean, the state won’t do it, and we aren’t going to get employers to hire these guys, so let’s have the religious people do it instead. They love that Christian charity crap.

John McCain is a liar or fool or both

McCain criticizes Obama over Iran comments – NewsFlash – al.com

How in the world can he stand there and argue that Obama is “inexperienced” or “reckless” for simply pointing out the very obvious point that Iran isn’t close to the threat which the Soviet Union posed? He is either stupid, or lying, or he is stupid and lying. These are the only options.


Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby adds millions in domestic spending to war funding bill- al.com

Alabama’s senior senator, the Porkmeister:

“If we’re dealing with terrorists in the world then we’ve got to deal with child predators here,” Shelby said after he persuaded the committee to add $50 million to help track unregistered sex offenders.

Dick, the two don’t really have anything to do with each other. Not anything.

But John McCain wouldn’t do anything crooked

McCain campaign gets almost 80% off on Homewood gathering space, plus free labor from Homewood Jail inmates – al.com

The McCain campaign was charged $250 to use two rooms in the hall, which normally would book for $1,200 on a weeknight. The campaign also was given free labor from Homewood City Jail inmates to set up tables and chairs for the event, avoiding a $100 set-up fee, but did pay a standard $50 cleaning fee.

The Alabama Democrats, however, paid full price and didn’t get any free labor.

The mayor says he gave the discount because it was on a “slow day”. The city council says that they always vote on these things, but not this time. I say that if they’d tried Mountain Brook or Vestavia, they probably would have gotten it for free, and high school students as a labor force.

Your liberal media, ladies and gentlemen!

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