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Oh, boy, not looking forward to Troy’s reaction to this

Alabama executions highly problematic: U.N. envoy | U.S. | Reuters

It will probably start with “Go back to UNistan!” and degenerate from there.

Boy, there’s a shocker

King criticizes death penalty ban in child rape- al.com

Even though, um, Alabama didn’t have a law making the death penalty applicable in such cases. It’s Troy, anything that results in fewer executions anywhere will outrage him. If China started saying they’d stop killing people for supporting greater freedoms, Troy would be outraged.

Troy: “Those black people are stealing elections!”

AG criticizes Justice Dept. in voter fraud probe | TuscaloosaNews.com

Maybe I’m oversensitive, but that’s what this quote seems to say to me:

Perry County, about 70 miles west of Montgomery, has a storied place in the voting rights movement. The fatal shooting of a black man after a voting rights march in 1965 prompted the Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march and led Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act that opened Southern voting rolls to millions of blacks.

‘The civil rights movement that was birthed in that part of our state was birthed to bring about equality, not to allow a different set of people to steal elections,’ King said.

That’s what he’s saying, right?

Troy King is outraged!

Serial killer Siebert dies of cancer on Death Row – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

Damn you cancer! How can you kill him before we can kill him!?!?!?

Blood! Kill! Death!

Alabama Attorney General Troy King says he’ll move quickly to resume executions- al.com

I’m surprised he hasn’t already gone down to Death Row with a machete. The only difference between “Troy King” and a serial killer is style.

Speaking of votes that didn’t matter

Bell wins District 1 race – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

The election for Crazy Larry’s old seat on the Jefferson County Commission was today, and William Bell, frequently unemployed member of the Birmingham City Council, has won. This may not matter, because Bob Riley says that the guy he appointed is the real commissioner, and “Troy King” agrees, and they’re appealing to a federal government controlled by other partisan Republicans. Elections just mess things up. Oh, and then we’ll have to deal with the people running for Bell’s seat on the Council, presumably. It’s the Larry Langford Domino Theory!

This is so wrong on so many levels that I am speechless. I wish “Troy King” was too.

Daily Dixie: Troy King records duet with Johnny Cash
Daily Dixie: The King-Cash duet

Larry hates the newspaper

Mayor, councilman spar over city’s newspaper advertising- al.com

BMLL wants to pull the city’s publishing of legal notices nobody reads from the Birmingham News and is going to ask “Troy King” if he can do this. He probably can’t, because the ads have to be in a general circulation newspaper and the News is the only one.

Langford says that he hates the News but that this has nothing to do with why he wants to pull the ads. Right.

Note that this is all from a story in the News so it’s not exactly unbiased.

“Troy King” humiliated yet again

Case dismissed against Circuit Judge Dan King – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

“Troy King”‘s 96-count secret indictment of Dan “No Relation — Seriously, Not Even Distantly” King has been thrown out by the retired judge called in to hear the case. Apparently, “Troy” failed to announce the indictment in open court, as per the rules of procedure. Obviously, this is horribly biased and someone will have to be executed in response.

DA: Troy is a little baby and doesn’t understand anything

DA group leader takes aim at King- al.com

“The attorney general has no idea about these things because he has never stood where we stand every day,” Association President Ken Davis said in a statement released Thursday. “Many of our members were fighting for the rights of victims when the attorney general was still in grammar school.”

The real problem is that the “Troy” is really still in grammar school. He has the emotional maturity of an eight-year-old, complete with lack of empathy and an inability to understand subtleties.