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Where’s Roy?

Amnews.com – Former judge Roy Moore to speak at Foundations Festival

Meanwhile, Roy’s been taking some time off, resting up for whatever comes next. Still no word on the Special Supreme Court decision on his appeal. I now suspect they indeed are dragging this out to cut off his options in the upcoming elections.

Roy will be speaking in Kentucky. Or did. It’s not exactly clear, but I think it was last night. No report on what he said, but I assume the usual.

Only the BCA can save us now

Former Roy Moore aide tops all court candidates in fund raising

Given that (under the current arrangement) we’re going to be stuck with Republicans all over the Alabama Supreme Court, we have two choices: the handpicked candidates of the Business Council of Alabama, and the Roy Moore Fan Club candidates. Normally, the BCA candidates at least have the advantage of money, but Moore lieutenant Tom Parker (a little Elvis humor there) has the fundraising lead so far against incumbent BCAite Jean Brown. So far, he’s spent $660. That’s another thing: the Moore people have lots of volunteers, while it’s hard to get worked up enough to work for free for business interests.

Oh, there is a Democrat running. One Democrat for each seat. It’s a strategy.

Krazy Kelly Kontinues

Disqualified candidate sues Republican Party

Wow, Kelly McGinley is suing someone. That never happens. Which for a given value of “never” (as in, “quite often, but not actually constantly) is true. Kelly, the “Christian Talk Radio Host”, was the plaintiff in one of the ridiculous pro-Roy Moore suits. Now she wants to run in the Republican primary for a state school board seat even though she isn’t, technically, a Republican but a Constitution Party supporter. She was disqualified for this reason. This gives the Republican incumbent a free pass, since he has no challengers in the primary and no Democrat is running. (Maybe the Libertarians have someone. They routinely run somebody in these unopposed races to get the votes from Yellow-Dog Democrats like me.)

Kristopher’s feeling is that “[I]f you’re going to run as a Republican, the Republicans do have the right of refusal for your place on the ballot.” I see his point, but taken to its logical extreme you wind up ripping the heart out of the primary process by giving the party elders the right to essentially appoint all their nominees. But I think Marty Connors is ultimately right for once: she should at least pretend to be a Republican.

Thanks again, Roy

AP Wire | 04/14/2004 | Ten Commandments Battle to Cost Ala. $500G

Actually, $549,000 — the half mil in attorney’s fees and the rest in expenses. Roy Moore had claimed that the whole thing wouldn’t cost the state anything at all and that all the Granite Calf’s lawyers would be paid for by private donations. What he didn’t mention is the rule that when the state loses a suit claiming it violated theConstitution, it has to pay the plaintiff’s lawyers. St. Roy won’t pick up that bill.

Hello, Denver!

Ex-judge rips church-state restrictions

St. Roy spoke to his natural audience — 1,000 home-schooling parents and children. Insane money quote:

“It’s time to say enough is enough. It’s time to say no longer will we sit quietly by while our federal judges unlawfully and in violation of their oath of office take from us our right to acknowledge God.”

He’s just nuts, what else can I say? He was up there in support of, it seems, a traditionally bananas Republican Senate candidate. I would think that Republicans pretty much have the home-schooling vote sewn up.

I forgot about this

Draft Moore: The Web Site – A Draft Moore movement emerges. But who’s behind it? By Timothy Noah

Oh, yeah, I saw the Draft Moore website yesterday while Googling around. I probably should have linked it, but Tim Noah has the details.

I don’t know how to feel about this

McGinley removed from GOP ballot for state school board

“Christian talk radio host” and serial lawsuit abuser Kelly McGinley has been removed from the Republican primary ballot for a state school board seat. According to Kristopher, state GOP chair Mary Connors had said that “[I]f someone is going to run as a Republican, they should at least pretend they are a Republican.” Apparently, McGinley — who has been complimentary toward the Constitution Party and critical of President Bush — didn’t meet this strict standard.

McGinley’s fellow Royite and attorney Jim Zeigler says: “We are prayerfully considering whether to take the case to the full Republican executive committee or to file court action.” “Prayerfully”? Oy. Zeigler is also the founder of the leading Royite group the League of Christian Voters.

Like Roy, I’m a prophet

State House panel rejects judges bill

As predicted here yesterday, a bill that would have taken away the power of hte Court of the Judiciary to remove judges from office was rejected. It never got to the floor of the Alabama House, dying 7-6 in committee, I’d bet on a party-line vote. There have been a lot of bills come down in the wake of the Granite Calf fiasco, but most were patently unconstitutional. This one was dangerous; it would have made judges even more a law of their own.

It’s not going to happen

Proposed amendment would end removing of judges by state court

Republicans, playing to the Roy Moore crowd, have put up a bill that would call for an Amendment to the state constitution ending the practice of removal of judges by the Court of the Judiciary. I don’t think for a second that the Democratic majority wants anything to do with this and I bet it never comes to a vote. Leaving aside that it’s blatant pandering to the Moorites — and what politician is against a little pandering to the idiot vote? — they want it up for a vote in the November election. No way the Democrats let the Republicans have that to spur the religious fanatic vote. The idea that judges shouldn’t be removed for misconduct is, of course, insane, but when has that ever stopped the Moorites?

Hey, I can’t read everything I link to!

The World Around You: Primary Developments

I do tend to skim over the down-ticket races, especially when they’re far away from me. Therefore, I missed that the infamous “Christian talk radio host”, Kelly McGinley, is running for school board in Mobile. McGinley is the maniac who sued to get St. Roy Moore restored to office because (she says) her rights were violated by the removal of a corrupt official. School boards, of course, are where right-wing Christians like to go so that they can distort the biology and history curricula to support their worldview.

Her website, of course, is a hoot. Apparently, today she’s talking Passover with the leader of “Moriel Ministries“, which is a group of evangelicals trying to “convert” Jews and “nominal Christians” (Catholics and liberal Protestants) to their psychotic image of Christianity. Especially, I see, Jews.