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Fun with the humor-impaired

Oh, sure « Thomason Tracts

Some people, through no fault of their own, are unable to tell when someone is making a joke, no matter how obvious it is. One of these unfortunates is known only as “Bob”. He is one of the worst cases, the humor-impaired (™Dave Barry) individual who thinks he’s funny.

(To be fair to “Bob”, I just added the “Posts Where I Am Obviously Joking” tag to the post — this was a pre-tags Blogger post originally.)

Despoil the environment for only $4 a gallon!

Cullman County’s Stony Lonesome OHV Park to open this fall- al.com

This is what is known as bad timing. Though if you’re going after the idiot demographic, I suppose any time is good.

“I’m Harri Anne Smith, and I’m a hateful loon whose parents wanted a boy.”

Harri Anne Smith is running for Congress, as is her right. However, she is a crazy woman of the type who calls into talk shows to complain about minor inconveniences.

Via Daily Dixie

You have got to be kidding me. “OOOOOOOHHH, two whole seconds to choose a language!” What’s more, Smith doesn’t seem to understand how government works. Congress doesn’t enforce the laws. Congress makes laws. The executive branch (that would be George W. Bush and his gang) is supposed to enforce laws. They aren’t, of course, but that’s what they’re supposed to do. Of course, she’s all in favor of the President deciding not to obey the law, until it’s President Obama.

I have my limits

One of them is that I won’t deal with Ron Paul people. This is a little-bitty website and maybe it’s little-bitty of me, but I can’t take them. Anyway, I just deleted rather than approve a comment from a Ron Paul person about how there are “more important things” than dealing with climate change. There are no more important things. The very existence of civilization is threatened by climate change. These nutjobs are unable to believe this because, well, they’re nutjobs, but it’s true.

Birmingham News unfair to Jeff Sessions!

Alabama senators Sessions, Shelby critical of cap-and-trade global warming bill- al.com

They insinuate that the Evil Little Troll opposes this sensible piece of legislation because he’s in the pocket of energy concerns.

Political action committees affiliated with Southern Co. and several of its employees are regular contributors to the re-election accounts of both Alabama senators. Collectively they add up to become Sessions’ largest contributor over the past six years, at about $76,000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. They add up to $62,000 for Shelby, his fourth-highest contributor.

This is completely unjust. True, Sessions is in the pocket of energy concerns. But he would oppose this bill anyway because it’s all sciency and stuff and would solve problems he refuses to believe in.

Here we go again

Police seek man who walked out of Bryce | TuscaloosaNews.com

Well, at least they told us this time.

He is described as 5’7,” 122 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a burgundy shirt and camouflage shorts. Police say he was at Bryce on a Jefferson County court order and should be considered a danger to the community.

So basically, crazy people who have been locked up by the courts can just stroll off from the mental institution and nobody there stops them. This is at least the third time it’s happened in the last five years, once with an actual convicted murderer. Did I mention that Bryce is right next to the University campus?

Seriously, he did

Riley asks churches to aid newly released inmates- al.com

Leaders from churches and charitable groups were asked to provide a wide range of services to former inmates, including employment assistance, housing, clothing, health care and cash.

I mean, the state won’t do it, and we aren’t going to get employers to hire these guys, so let’s have the religious people do it instead. They love that Christian charity crap.

.3 percent

Legislative session adjourns without education budget – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

That’s how much of the education budget was in question, as the AEA and the state universities were fighting over $25 million of a $6.3 billion budget. They’ve managed to screw up the entire state educational system over that. Moreover, a number of other bills were blocked because of the filibuster over the education budget. People are going to get fired. I’m glad I work for a private school.

John McCain is a liar or fool or both

McCain criticizes Obama over Iran comments – NewsFlash – al.com

How in the world can he stand there and argue that Obama is “inexperienced” or “reckless” for simply pointing out the very obvious point that Iran isn’t close to the threat which the Soviet Union posed? He is either stupid, or lying, or he is stupid and lying. These are the only options.

Unfortunately for her…

Birmingham woman told police she thought it OK to leave sleeping children home alone with oven and burner on; one died- al.com

The “mental defect” part of “not guilty by reason of mental defect” does not normally include “being rock-stupid”.