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Troy Troy Troy

So apparently he plans to stick it out. Which he can, I guess, since the media have been in the tank for him for four years now. I have no problem with Troy being gay, it’s the hypocrisy that’s the problem. Well, that and him being a bloodthirsty lunatic who is manifestly unqualified for his position.

I remain stunned that so many people apparently didn’t know that he was gay. I thought it was obvious! Not only that, an open secret, one I thought everyone knew. I’ve been referring to his homosexuality for years. When I call him “Troy King”, quotes included, it’s an in-joke, referring to when I said that “Troy King” was really Roy Moore in disguise. The real “Troy King”, who wrote columns in the Crimson White when he was a law student and I was an undergrad was one of the most obvious closet cases I have ever come across. The joke was that he had long since run off to San Francisco, where he was living with a nice chiropractor named Duane, and Roy had stolen his identity.

Troy for Congress?

Daily Dixie: Congressional District 2 – Wide Open?

And you guys up in Washington thought Sessions was bad.