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Une film de Larry Langford

Langford vows to renew campaign for streetcar funding- al.com

So, what’s the plan, chief?

“I’ve got to compile all this research and reduce it to a 10-minute DVD,” Langford said in an interview. “People can’t see your vision if they’re not inside your head, so I’ve got to get what’s between my ears in a narrow enough format that it can be explained to the whole city.”

Ah, yes. It’s just that your brain is so vast that the rest of us puny mortals can’t comprehend it if you don’t boil it down to something simple for us. Be sure not to use any big words. Maybe you can license “Thomas the Tank Engine” for our tiny minds.

That’s just great

Tuskegee Airmen focus of Lucas’ next film – NewsFlash – al.com

It’ll be filmed entirely in front of green screen, the dialogue will be unnaturally stilted, and all the planes will be CGI, as will the commanding officer, Col. Jar Jar Binks.

Lincoln, Douglas, Kennedy, Nixon…

McCain challenges Obama to town hall-style debates – USATODAY.com

Obama’s not crazy, and so he’s not going accept this, which is something that plays more to McCain’s strengths than his own. He’s proposed a series of “Lincoln-Douglas”-style debates. Considering that the originals were essentially a series of dueling (and quite long) speeches, that’s right in Obama’s wheelhouse, and thus not something McCain would ever agree to.

Basically, what Obama needs to do is find a format that maximizes (a) the direct interaction between the candidates, and (b) the length of time each candidate speaks in each segment. McCain wants to find a way to make things as freestyle as possible with interaction with the public, because he’s good at that but a terrible speaker.

It may not matter. There are a lot of ways to go wrong predicting what the American electorate will do, but they’re pretty consistent in choosing whoever looks the best on TV. Since 1960, they’ve done this every time with the possible exception of 1968 (I don’t know enough about Humphrey to judge). And Obama is much better TV than McCain except in a comedy sense.

CNN, hire TV’s Frank


There’s been a lot of politics in the news lately, what with all the politics that’s been going on. You may not know this, but I am quite the political prognosticator. I predicted that John Kerry would win in ’04, and that Dukakis would triumph in ’88, and that Shirley Chisholm would be swept into the White House in 1972. I realize that none of these predictions came true, but I’m hoping that if I’m wrong enough times, I’ll get hired as a cable TV news pundit.


Charles Barkley might run for mayor of Leeds – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

He wouldn’t be the worst elected official in Jefferson County, that’s for sure.

Bush’s plan for the inner cities

As part of its plan to ruin everything good and decent, ESPN let George W. Bush into the booth during the Braves-Nationals game tonight, where he proceeded to inform us of the great opportunities playing professional baseball offers inner-city youth. Who says that he doesn’t care about black people? He just doesn’t care about black people who can’t turn the double play or hit a curveball.

Bob Riley likes the following:

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