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I hate it when this happens

Langford says Lipscomb and Brighton would benefit by annexing into Birmingham – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

I… I… I agree with Lary Langford.

Though they’d be better off in the short term if they joined up with Bessemer and its non-crazy mayor. Long-term, assuming BMLL doesn’t completely destroy the city, Birmingham is a better bet. There are far, far too many municipalities in Jefferson County.

We have a quorum!

Gov. Riley appoints member to Lipscomb council- al.com

Riley took out his Jefferson County Commission frustrations by finally appointing someone to fill one of the two seats on the Lipscomb city council. Gardendale even let councilman David Horn out of jail, so they actually had five city councilors!

Debbie Miller drunk with power!

Former Lipscomb officer disputes firing process- al.com

Mayor Miller fired the police officer who celebrated Christmas Eve by shooting a guy. The officer (who was cleared of wrongdoing in the incident, but who had two previous suspensions and shot two people while on the Birmingham PD) wants to appeal but can’t because the city council is still “defunct”. And you thought Jefferson County had problems. So I guess Debbie is ruling by decree now.

And it was functioning so well before

Lipscomb councilman exits, leaving government unable to function- al.com

Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Gaston Randle has resigned! He says that this was for “health reasons”. Mental health reasons, maybe. He will be missed.

With Randle out, Debbie Miller promoted to mayor, and David Horn in Gardendale City Jail on a six-month sentence, this leaves the City Council with only three members, needing four for a quorum. I suggest that they just hold their meetings at the jail, but instead they’re going to ask Riley to appoint someone. That’s always an adventure.

Gaston’s back at it

Metro briefs- al.com

I suppose he forgot his insulin again…

Brighton police had received several calls about someone in the Holiday Mobile Home Park on Jan. 9, Chief Anthony Farley said. Police arrived at the park, in the 4300 block of Bessemer Superhighway, about 10 p.m. and found Randle underneath a resident’s car. It appeared that he was trying to disconnect the brake lines of the vehicle, Det. Sylvester Benson said.

Randle hid for 35-45 minutes, Benson said, then emerged after police pretended to leave. Randle attempted to drive away, Benson said, but was apprehended. He was taken to jail and after 24 hours posted $500 bond, Benson said.

So I was wondering why he keeps getting caught in Brighton, not in Lipscomb where he supposedly lives and where he’s a city councilman. Then I figure that he’s probably getting caught in Lipscomb all the time but it’s hushed up… Anyway, this was one block away from the last place he got caught in Brighton. I guess that last time he was trying to get to this trailer park when he got disoriented.

He may be slightly trigger-happy

Lipscomb officer who shot man was fired after two Birmingham shootings- al.com

A Lipscomb police officer shot a man Christmas Eve. I didn’t write about it here because it was Christmas, plus I didn’t think it was particularly funny. However, it turns out that this is his third shooting! He was fired by Birmingham PD, as the headline said, after shooting #2. Lipscomb has a tradition of hiring cops fired by other local departments.

However, she can still pretend to be a police officer

Melanie Bouyer, recently appointed to the Lipscomb city council, has to resign because it turns out she doesn’t live in the district she represents. I can’t find a link yet, the AL.com story has apparently gone down the rabbit hole.