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  1. Just kicking things off: we should invade Mexico and Canada and form a Super United States. After that, do a reversal of the 18th century and make the UK our colony.

  2. What the hell do we want Mexico for? It is a third world country, with “real” poor. Britain would be OK, but do we really want to be that close to the Islamic Republic of Europe?

  3. Hope you guys are just kidding. Remember, the USA (despite its recent actions) is a republic, not a colonial empire.

    Still, I often joke with my Canadian friends that we’d take them over, but they only have 2 things worth taking: hockey & beer.

    And VikingDawg—have you ever been to Europe?

  4. Mexico and Canada both have deep oil reserves. Not like it was ACTUALLY weapons of mass destruction that made us invade Iraq.

  5. There’s oil everywhere: Alaska, Florida, Pennslyvania, Texas, California, Gulf Coast, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, all over West Africa & Northern South America….

    I wish people would stop pretending the Iraq War was about oil, that silly notion is preventing many people from looking at the issue critically, and preventing them from addressing the real issues, not false ones that we have created.

    When will we learn?

  6. And what would those “real issues” be, if you don’t mind me askin’?

    Oil is certainly a big reason why we went to war. At the very least the invasion and subsequent occupation was used to gain a permanent foothold in the heart of all that sweet, juicy Texas Tea. The troops could come home tomorrow (yeah, right) and our regional presence will remain established for a long time to come. If I were an oil man I’d say, mission accomplished.

  7. Real Issue – Stabilizing Iraq. Preventing Al Qaeda from getting a foothold in the country. Preventing a civil war in the area.

    I’m seriously amazed that people think Iraq is nothing more than a vigilante war being waged by a bunch or Texas oil barons.

  8. Michael Bowen

    Real Issue – Stabilizing Iraq. Preventing Al Qaeda from getting a foothold in the country. Preventing a civil war in the area.

    Iraq was stable before we invaded, Al-Qaeda had no foothold in the country and there was no risk of a civil war. So you’re saying that the only reason we’re still in Iraq is because we invaded Iraq in the first place?

  9. Mac Thomason

    Also, the only reason that anyone cares about what happens to the Middle East is that they have oil. Lots of places are more unstable than Iraq, but they don’t have oil.

  10. Mac Thomason

    Rob: “Why? Are you saying it’s an American citizen’s right to healthcare?”

    I dunno. I’ll say that every other industrialized democracy, and a fair number of countries that don’t fit that description, say that health care is a right.

  11. wow mac, took the words right out of my mouth

  12. I would just encourage anyone to see the film, “SiCKO,” before they criticize it.

    And if there’s something in you that “refuses to give that guy money,” there’s a moment in there just for you. I won’t ruin it, but it’s a real kicker of a moment for Moorehaters.

    In my view, it’s Moore’s best film. I don’t know how anyone can watch some of the heartbreaking stories these people offer and not be affected. It’ll literally make you cry and/or seethe with anger. Really, really powerful stuff.

    And, yes, I do believe we have a right to universal healthcare.

  13. And every single one of them is less “successful”, in global terms, than the United States.

    Some might say that’s all the more reason the United States should do it—I’m not so sure. I think it could be that nationalizing health care is indicative of an overall philosophy that has led to those nations’ falling beneath the US.

    I don’t know where I come down on the issue, honestly—I do know that Michael Moore is of no help in my attempt to think critically on that (or any) issue, though.

  14. Mac Thomason

    And the gap between the US and Europe is closing. I think this is largely because we’re spending so much on health care, much more than countries that have universal health care. That’s the ironic thing for you, we’re spending more money for worse care because we refuse to spend money for universal care.

  15. It’s just common sense to keep your current and future workforce healthy. There are tons of articles on how workplace health increases productivity.

    The current situation is set up to protect the status quo at the expense of everyday Americans. Big surprise there.

  16. Even though I do not respect Michael Moore, I do want to see SICKO. Why? Because having lived the last 9 years out of the US, I have come to see that Americans are ripped off by the current health care system. I would have hardly believed it, (if it had been explained to me), but I have lived it and bnefitted greatly from not being ripped off by health care….

  17. I should also mention that a country should also care for the “workforce of the past”, as well. Healthcare is a vital part of the social contract that governments form with its people. Probably only after the rule of law, and I think we’ve got that one covered.

  18. while bringing attention to important issues, mr. moore tends to polarize things more. i do find his films timely, but i can see why many people find him to be a blow hard or an attention whore. i would agree with the assessment in part. i wish that we as a people we could divorce ourselves from the baggage that surrounds moore, and view the issues as they are. i’m not an al gore fan but the information in “an incovenient truth” was pretty hard to ignore.

    back to healthcare, as a people, we deserve to know that a family will not be thrown into bankruptcy if one was to have a major health event. too often we deny ourselves treatment for fear that the we could never pay for the service and that our loved ones may have to shoulder the financial responsibility if payment can’t be met.

  19. One of the best ways to avoid a major healthcare event is to have preventive care that can catch, or even stop in the first place, those kinds of problems before they turn into something really scary and expensive.

  20. Mac Thomason

    And a lot of the problem is that people who don’t have health insurance don’t go to the doctor for regular checkups and don’t have regular physicians, and when things go bad they wind up having to go to the ER, which costs a ton of money, which they don’t have, so the government winds up paying for it.

  21. If people don’t want to understand why universal healthcare is ultimately a good thing, I don’t know what to tell them.

    Today, I got a letter from a high-school friend who was paralyzed in an auto accident about 15 years ago. He’s managed about as well as one can, given his situation. With his electric wheelchair, he’s even been employed for the last several years.

    Well, his electric wheelchair crapped out recently & his insurance company (Evergreen, for those keeping score) has denied him a new wheelchair THREE times. They even called him personally to deny him.

    The result: No wheelchair, no job. He’s now unemployed & he’s going to have to go to a publicly funded nursing home.

    See: Not even taking into account the insurance company’s lack of humanity and the sheer humilation he’s endured, we pay for this situation one way or the other.

    Personally, I find it disgraceful.

  22. Mac Thomason

    That is disgraceful, and par for the course. Here’s my much less important story. The things that health insurance companies do are not only bad for individuals but bad for employers and the country, and even (in the long term) bad for health insurers.

  23. Cheney on invading Iraq:

    You’re all a bunch of morons. It’s all about the Euro vs the Dollar.

  24. Sagan – You’ve been watching too much Fox News…or as people in Europe call it; the White House Channel. Iraq sits on the largest proven oil reserves in the world…more than Saudi Arabia, more than Iran, Russia. Let’s not forget that the largest contractor benefiting from the war is KBR (in the tens of billions…much of which can’t be accounted for), which is a division of Halliburton, which was previously run by none other than Dick Cheney. Let’s also not forget that Bush (Harkin) and Rice (Chevron), also had close ties to the oil industry. Dick Cheney has been able to exercise millions in stock options, even after he took office and helped award no bid contracts to Halliburton for the reconstruction of Iraq, which in turn created the companie’s growth that made him millions of dollars.

    Sagan…..when will YOU learn.

  25. Mexico and Canada would increase our oil holdings. To the border!!!!

    Welcome to the USNA!!! (United States of North America)

  26. Also, adding Canada would strengthen the dollar.

  27. Would Tequila be cheaper if we took Mexico?

  28. This site has existed for 2+ years now, and I hadn’t even noticed

  29. I kicked this thread off three years ago with a call for expansion, and in 2010 I’m back to say I still feel this way. Bring it on!

  30. Yep, back again. With President Trump, we will realize my dream for North American dominance!

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