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The Final Days

The End of Checklist Liberalism | TPMCafe

It looks like the end of Joe Lieberman. It’s really none of my business what the voters of Connecticut decide, but what the pro-Lieberman (or anti-anti-Lieberman, in the locution some prefer) forces don’t understand is that opposition to Lieberman isn’t ideological. It’s not about issues, not even the war. It’s about George Bush. And it’s about Lieberman’s ridiculous adherence to a form of bipartisanship that is very like what Grover Norquist once described. Lieberman, for whatever bizarre reason, has decided to attach himself to the various schemes of a President whom most Americans and nearly all Democrats despise, and moreover has continued to do so while claiming that this makes him “principled”.

Roll Tide [GLUB!]

UA gives fountains another try – Tuscaloosa

You see, every time there was a fountain on campus, students would put detergent (usually Tide, as you might expect) into it. Sometimes (the story doesn’t include this, but I’m assured it’s true) they’d put red food coloring in as well. They’re sure that this one will be prank-proof.

Mother in law

Hendricks’ in-law contests vote

Yes, ironically named failed District 54 candidate Gaynell Hendricks has gotten her mother in law to contest her loss. I guess they get along pretty well. I particularly enjoy the barely-veiled gaybaiting:

Also, the contest claims Todd’s timing of her campaign finance filing kept voters from knowing before the runoff that Todd got a $25,000 contribution from the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

You know those nefarious homosexuals.

Guess who!

The Crimson White Online – UA parking soaks up federal funds

Richard Shelby, of course. $18 million in federal money for parking decks on the Alabama campus in the last three years; $1.5 million for the new campus shuttle service. The library, meanwhile, has to get by with the school’s own funds. Typical.

That’s what it does

Drought slams farms

There Is No Such Thing As Global Warming, of course, but the people who say that it’s not financially feasible to do something about it (if it existed) pretend that there’s no economic cost from it. But tell that to the corn farmers of Alabama, who are looking at harvesting 25 bushels of corn per acre; in a good year, it would be 150. And much of what they do harvest is fit only for animals. Though the way things are going, we’ll probably be happy for whatever we can get.

Oh, so typical

Cities balk at transit increases

Gas prices at record highs? Well, if you’re Vestavia and Mountain Brook, the solution is obvious: cut bus service!

This was inevitable

WorldNetDaily: Will America choose to acknowledge God?

Roy Moore has a job!

Anyone can have a good idea, I guess

Sessions revives plan to adjust cocaine sentencing

The E.L. Troll’s bill would reduce the disparity in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine, a disparity that is pretty much only for racist reasons. Wouldn’t eliminate it, but it’s a start.


Mercy to be added to name of hospital

I guess that if you add “Mercy” to Cooper Green people think it’s more likely you’ll live to not pay your bill. (If you could pay your bill, you wouldn’t be going to Cooper Green.)

Department of puns

Corts expected to lead colleges

It’s only to be expected. Every troubled system in this state is eventually taken over by the courts.