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Respect their authority

Birmingham city councilors demand authority in dome spending, selection –

They’re upset that an out-of-state design firm was chosen (because so many domes have been built in Alabama?) and that no local or minority firms were selected to help. The latter is probably a legitimate point, though my understanding is that local subcontractors are usually chosen later in the process. BMLL is on the BJCC board and thinks that the council is being silly, and that if they’re upset it’s their own fault for not coming to the meetings.

Really, it’s sponsored by the website


If I could come up with $1.2 million, I could sponsor a bowl. Maybe I could start a fundraising campaign.

Ooooh, marijuana!

Birmingham’s embattled City Councilman Johnathan Austin has no plans to resign over 2003 marijuana charge –

Not to step on Loretta‘s turf or anything, but this is insane. People are trying to get this guy (appointed to fill William Bell’s seat) to resign for the horrible crime of possessing a whole half-ounce of marijuana! Meanwhile, the mayor is walking around with 101 federal counts on his head. And do you really think Larry Langford has never smoked pot? Exhibit A:


Yeah, that guy never did any drugs. Nor did any of the sterling citizens on the city council, who are debating if a half-ounce of pot rises to the level of “moral turpitude”. And of course, the guy himself is saying that what he did was terrible, and it wasn’t really his pot, it’s was a friend’s, and he wants to show that you can overcome the horrifying effects of knowing a pot user by joining the Birmingham City Council.

As usual

Birmingham council postpones mayor’s plan to pave downtown streets, citing need for financial information –

As usual, the council seems to be pretty reasonable about this, wanting to make sure that the money BMLL wants actually comes in before they spend it. What with the recession, that makes sense to me. As usual, BMLL was apoplectic and thinks that it would be incredibly embarrassing not to do this right now. This time, he thinks that we’ll be humiliated if the Davis Cup comes to town and there are potholes. Does he know that the US Open is held in New York? What would New York be without potholes?

Really, that’s all?

Poll: 23 percent say Cheney worst vice president ever –

Dick Cheney is, without a doubt, our nation’s worst vice president. He is also our best vice president. Because none of the others did anything or had any power or authority whatsoever.

Basically, they’re doomed. DOOOOOOMED!

Jeffco’s choice: receivership, bankruptcy or deal –

There just isn’t nearly enough money to even make payments on the debt, much less pay it down. ( ‘”I don’t think anybody, including the creditors, expect Jefferson County to pay this back,” said Andreas Rauterkus, a University of Alabama at Birmingham professor of finance.’) So either they declare bankruptcy, or they convince their creditors to make a deal with smaller payments, or turn over the system to somebody to try to make money from it somehow. Everything sucks.

In that they actually know something about science

Obama science choices break from Bush – White House transition-

I won’t miss him

Conservative activist Paul Weyrich dead at 66 – Politics-

But I’m not here to attack the dead. Well, not exactly. The story goes on to say that he had been “in ill health” for years and had had both legs amputated. That sure looks like diabetes, and as a diabetic I’m sensitive to that. But I can’t think of why you’d try to keep that secret.

Okay, that’s pretty impressive

Birmingham will host Davis Cup first-round –

Not just any matchup — the US hosts Switzerland. As in Roger Federer. BMLL seems to have had something to do with this, as “the catalyst”. I’ll give the man credit. This, however, does not mean that that Birmingham can host the Olympics.

Why are we playing the Swiss in the first round? If I understand the rules correctly, the loser gets relegated and has to play their way back into the main draw next year.


All Larry Langford, all the time. First, he’s got two different sets of lawyers in court:

Lawyers for Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford and co-defendants seek more time for conspiracy trial, citing complex and voluminous material –
Judge denies Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford’s request to drop discrimination lawsuit filed by gay rights group Central Pride Alabama –

And in something almost certainly going to wind up in court, he’s getting criticized by the Jefferson County Personnel Board for his hiring practices:

Jefferson County Personnel Board questions Birmingham’s hiring of mayor’s assistants –

And he’s getting hit up for money from the schools, which really shouldn’t bother:

Birmingham school officials ask Langford for city money to help soften budget cuts –

Aaaaand in late-breaking news he’s planning to start his big paving project:

Mayor Larry Langford says paving ready to begin – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

That could cost $11.6 million, which is one reason why the schools shouldn’t bother.