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Alabama soaked by highest beer tax in nation Fo…

Alabama soaked by highest beer tax in nation

Forget corporate welfare and targeted tax breaks. This state will never be able to attract enough outside investment as long as beer taxes are at this level… This is partly those Taliban attitudes I was talking about, but also because the state is afraid to levy taxes openly on income or property. Sales taxes are way too high, but also the state has these hidden taxes on alcohol, which are added to the purchase price so people don’t realize how much they are. – Hot find: Historic Tabasco bottle uneart… – Hot find: Historic Tabasco bottle unearthed – June 29, 2002

Um… Is it really archaeology to dig up something 130 years old? At this rate, I’ll be able to get archaeology students from the University to come over and clean up my apartment.

A very good year for vintners This story about …

A very good year for vintners

This story about wine production in the United States (with the news that there are now bonded wineries in all fifty states) struck me for the quote from an Alabama winemaker: “The Taliban are alive and well in Montgomery.” That’s an exaggeration, but not by much; one look at the Republican primaries and you’ll find lots of people with Talibanic attitudes toward just about anything fun. But I also couldn’t help but think about the leader of Jose Padilla’s old mosque… who lives in Montgomery.

The Nando Times: Mediation ordered in TVA-EPA disp…

The Nando Times: Mediation ordered in TVA-EPA dispute

If the federal government’s own Tennessee Valley Authority is going around polluting the atmosphere with old and dirty coal plants, how can the government ask private power producers to not pollute? Well, not very easily. I’ve a notion that doesn’t bother the current administration very much.

Belgium wins 2002 Fair Play award In the World…

Belgium wins 2002 Fair Play award

In the World Cup, which thank God is finally over so we can go back to not pretending to care about soccer for another four years. Anyway, isn’t it wonderful to see that Belgium won the “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” award? Is that symbolic, or what? Sandler’s ‘Mr. Deeds’ Goes to … Sandler’s ‘Mr. Deeds’ Goes to No. 1 at Weekend Box Office With $37.6 Million

What is wrong with you people? First “Scooby Doo”, now this!

Firefighter accused of starting huge Ariz. blaze …

Firefighter accused of starting huge Ariz. blaze

You know, I used to have a generally positive view of firefighters… Some people will probably make — or have already made — snide remarks about public employees. Let the record show that this was a contract employee who is basically paid by the fire and started the fire to make money. You can blame government firefighting policy, but don’t blame the people who fight the fires.