Monthly Archives: January 2008

Of course they did

Birmingham council backs Mayor Larry Langford’s sports park plan – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

They do whatever Larry wants. He has some sort of hypnotic hold over the whole council. Build a sports/residential complex with a racetrack and a freaking equestrian center? Whatever you say, Dr. Svengali!

Those wacky black voters!

Black voters in Alabama drifting from Clinton’s to Obama’s camp-

See, if I were the writer or editor, I would have gone with “Obama takes lead in Alabama primary”. Maybe that’s just me. It’s 40-35, according to the AEA poll. Bill is stopping by this weekend to try and staunch the bleeding, and presumably to drop some more code words on us. I’m really pissed at the former President right now, and I am extremely white.

Well, some of them do

Birmingham residents support downtown site for dome stadium-

This being the Central City Neighborhood Association. If I’m correct, these people aren’t downtown (the historic center of Birmingham is somewhat to the west) but they’re a whole lot closer to downtown than to the dog track.

Richard Shelby is OUTRAGED!

Sessions announces $1 million for Red Mountain Park – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

He’s the one who’s supposed to bring in massive amounts of federal spending while the Troll complains about it. My world is upside down!

This doesn’t even make sense

Langford proposes Olympic-style village at Birmingham’s state fairgrounds – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

[A] 100-unit high rise residential complex, an equestrian riding facility, an indoor athletic track, two manmade lakes, Olympic-sized swimming facilities and a renovated Birmingham International Raceway…

Why, exactly, would Birmingham desire these? I think he’s just making this up as he goes along.

Also, everything else

Analysis: Bush overshadowed by presidential race –

What doesn’t overshadow Bush at this point? The NHL All-Star Game got more media attention than the State of the Union.

Or they could stay exactly as hard to win

Diplomas may become harder, easier to win for state high school students-

That just about covers it, right?

And it was functioning so well before

Lipscomb councilman exits, leaving government unable to function-

Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Gaston Randle has resigned! He says that this was for “health reasons”. Mental health reasons, maybe. He will be missed.

With Randle out, Debbie Miller promoted to mayor, and David Horn in Gardendale City Jail on a six-month sentence, this leaves the City Council with only three members, needing four for a quorum. I suggest that they just hold their meetings at the jail, but instead they’re going to ask Riley to appoint someone. That’s always an adventure.

It’s Phone book day!

So here’s this “Real Yellow Pages Companion”, which seems to be the Yellow Pages but in really little print. And there on the cover is this note:

Caution: Please do not use this directory while operating a moving vehicle.

So, you know there have been people who have been looking in the book while driving. Damn cell phones! Anyway, this note does not appear on the main phone book. This can only mean that AT&T is actually endorsing the use of the phone book while driving. Be warned.

Oh no, snow!

‘Classic setup’ to bring snow early Saturday – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

This, of course, conclusively proves that there is no such thing as global warming.